Podcasts Captivate with Untold Stories—and Brand Opportunities

Nov 18, 2022

As listeners consume the deeper, more intimate stories creators are bringing to podcasts, they’re taking in brand messages right along with them.

Podcasting is more than the latest storytelling medium—it's a vehicle for creators to share stories in new and different ways. The space has quickly attracted and captivated audiences with its authentic voices, giving brands the opportunity to reach engaged, ad-receptive audiences.

Creators from print, tv, and film are finding space in podcasts to fascinate listeners with untold stories, shining a spotlight on noteworthy people who were left out of the mainstream. Let’s look at some of the podcasts that are telling tales that can’t be found anywhere else, giving brands a chance to be a part of the narrative.

Significant Others with Liza Powell-O’Brien

Did you know Gandhi learned his legendary method of passive resistance from his wife? Alongside any famous name, there is often another story to tell of an intimate relationship that made all the difference. Significant Others tells the story behind the story. And who better to host than Conan’s better half, Liza Powell-O’Brien?

Target Audience - Highly Educated Women: Significant Others attracts an 80% female audience, with 80% of the audience holding a masters or bachelors degree

Storytelling with Significant Others

Rubirosa with Christopher Rivas

Imagine if, instead of James Bond, it was Jaime Bond, Javi Bond, Bondissimo. Well, guess what? The white, British character at the center of Ian Fleming’s super-successful franchise was actually based on Porfirio Rubirosa, a Dominican man. This podcast is the true story of Rubirosa’s life told by Christopher Rivas, a Dominican-American author and storyteller—and a lifelong fan of James Bond.

Target Audience - Multicultural: Christopher draws in a multicultural audience, as well as what he calls a "culturally curious audience," making it a perfect pairing for a brand looking to reach diverse listeners.

Telling the Rubirosa Story

Killed with Justine Harman

Dive into true stories once silenced or submerged by the media. Killed is the gulpable new Audiochuck series from ASME-nominated magazine journalist and podcaster Justine Harman. Think: Crime Junkie meets Spotlight with access to both hindsight and the biggest names in journalism.

Target Audience - Household Decision Makers: Killed reaches young moms with great buying power—91% of listeners are women and 42% are mothers to children under 18. They listen on the go to suit their busy lifestyles. 

Digging into the Details with Killed

Torched with Molly Bloom

What would the greatest athletes lose just to win? Hosted by Molly Bloom, former professional skier, public speaker, and bestselling author, Torched is a podcast about the heat of competition and what goes on just outside the spotlight. In season one, we tell stories of scandal, controversy, and redemption on the biggest world stage.

Target Audience - Sports & True Crime Fans: Sports podcasts are a great compliment to reach audiences that won’t be found in front of the TV. Torched also appeals to true crime fans.

Going Beyond the Headlines with Torched

Become Part of the Story

As podcast listeners consume their favorite stories, they’re taking in brand messages right along with them. A staggering 76% of listeners say listening to ads is a fair trade for free content, with six in 10 saying they would be open to a couple of extra ads to support their favorite podcast.1 And with 59 million listeners2, the SiriusXM Podcast Network can help your brand become a part of the content they love. From the new to the old to the untold, we’re constantly expanding our slate to include even more stories.

Let’s write your next campaign success story.


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