Predictive Audience Targeting: The Newest Podcast Capability

Aug 9, 2022

Predictive Audiences Targeting is here. Introducing the cookie-free listener targeting solution for podcasts. If you want to target a specific audience, Predictive Audience Targeting is the right capability for the job.

Category and contextual transcription targeting are powerful tools, allowing brands to reach their customers and meet their campaign goals with podcasts. Predictive Audience Targeting takes it a step further, allowing us to use data and pair it with audience listening habits to reach these consumers in a contextual way. This is huge news—and a massive opportunity to refine podcast advertising reach.

What is Predictive Audience Targeting?

We recently expanded our relationship with Comscore to bring its cookie-free targeting tool to podcasts. Predictive Audience Targeting matches consumer affinities and preferences to target ads to relevant audiences. These modeled audiences map well to content, making this a perfect tool for podcast targeting.

How do we do this? Our AdsWizz AI Transcription Technology transcribes podcast episodes and extracts the contextual essence of the content. We already use this technology for contextual transcription targeting and brand suitability across our podcast network.

So, what’s the difference? Think of it this way:

  • If you want to target a niche topic, contextual transcription targeting is the solution you need.

  • If you want to target a specific audience, Predictive Audience Targeting is the right capability for the job.

What does it mean to advertisers?

Predictive Audience Targeting segments allow brands to reach over 300+ audiences without relying on traditional identifiers, which we all know are very limited in the podcast ecosystem.

  • Key Benefits Expand Reach – Reach hundreds of audience segments based on granular consumer behavior through contextual signals.

  • Improve Targeting at Episode Level – Deliver your ads to the right audience by targeting episodes that cover content your audience is interested in.

  • Boost Ad Relevancy – Connect with your audiences with messages that are always delivered in the right context.

How does it compare to other targeting options?

Let’s look at how three targeting tools stack up.

Category Targeting – Align content categories with audience interests to efficiently achieve scale and reach. And with show-level anti-targeting, advertisers can ensure brand safety.

Contextual Transcription Targeting – Focus on specific topics that align with audience interests across millions of episodes translated and mapped to IAB Content Taxonomy segments. Brands can target at the episode level based on relevance.

Predictive Audience Targeting – Brands can target ads to consumers based on their habits, behaviors, life stage, and more. This allows brands to target specific audiences.

Each tool allows brands to refine their targeting based on campaign goals (e.g., upper, mid, or lower funnel) and message (e.g., product rollout or buy now).

When can brands start using Predictive Audience Targeting for podcasts?

Predictive Audience Targeting for podcasts is available now. Podcast targeting is all about refining reach to deliver relevant messages to interested audiences when they’re most engaged. And when it comes to reach, we’re the partner you need to achieve your campaign goals. We have the best podcast network around.

If you’re ready to talk targeting—including demos, geos, and more—hit us up!

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