PTM Lightning Round: Sarah van Mosel, CRO of Stitcher

Mar 30, 2021

In 2020, SiriusXM Pandora welcomed the powerhouse podcasting team at Stitcher. With the merging of our two organizations, it has become increasingly evident that one of the main contributing factors to their success was none other than Chief Revenue Officer, Sarah van Mosel. Sarah, who began her career in radio at an independent radio station in Montpelier, Vermont, now manages podcast revenue for Stitcher’s 50+ original shows and millions of other independent podcast episodes.

A leader in the podcast space, Sarah has affectionately been coined a walking podcast library. She also co-chairs IAB’s podcast business group on the digital audio committee. A mentor and inspiration to all that come across her charismatic and kind energy, we are thrilled to feature Sarah van Mosel in our Pass the Mic campaign. Sarah embodies the core qualities of this initiative by raising up other women and underrepresented voices in the audio industry, especially podcasting!

Watch our debut of Pass the Mic Lightning Round question series to learn more about Sarah’s career, mentorship strategy, and podcast recommendations!

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