Reach 1 in 2 Cars on the Road

Aug 18, 2022

We’re in half of the cars on the road, and the time is right for brands to come along for the ride. SiriusXM delivers higher share of voice with 50% less commercial time per hour than AM/FM.

With the popularity of audio streaming and on-demand content like podcasts, you may think people are shifting away from satellite radio. But in reality, satellite fits nicely within the larger digital audio experience, following listeners throughout the day. And with SiriusXM in 140M vehicles—that’s 1 out of every 2 cars on the road1—the time is right for brands to come along for the ride. 

As AM/FM Listening Slows, Satellite Grows

Satellite is a broadcast powerhouse, fueled by a new wave of digitally-driven audiences and strong momentum in the content space. While the share of daily time spent with AM/FM radio shrank -10% between 2014 and 2021, the SiriusXM share of ear grew +51%.2 Our 61M subscribers spend 64% of their time in the car on our stations, averaging 2.5 hours a day.3 And 60% of our in-car audience cannot be reached with AM/FM.3

Replacing time with AM/FM with SiriusXM

Unduplicated Audiences Extend Reach

Imagine what it would mean for your next audio campaign if you reached more people? Digital audio isn’t an either/or proposition for advertisers. It’s all about the and—streaming and podcasts and satellite. SiriusXM adds 15% incremental reach of people 13+ to our streaming network.4 That means adding satellite to your next audio campaign will allow your brand messages to reach incrementally more consumers.

Higher Share of Voice Drives Purchase Intent

There’s nothing like an AM/FM ad break to inspire listeners…to tune out. The breaks are long, and advertisers are left competing for attention. SiriusXM delivers higher share of voice for brands with 50% less commercial time per hour than AM/FM.3 And there is a 77% correlation between hearing an ad on our stations and making a purchase.3

Our Super Fans are Your Super Consumers

Thanks to the unsurpassed breath of the content across music, news, sports, comedy, and talk, satellite radio captures the hearts and ears of all listeners. SiriusXM is the home of the super fan, where subscribers can take in information and conversations and indulge in sports and comedy content—and let’s not forget about music. From Howard Stern to Kevin Hart and Megyn Kelly to Hoda Kobt and so many more, we have the talent listeners crave.

Our satellite listeners are buying into the medium, and they're receptive to ads. Nearly 66% of people trust ads on SiriusXM.3 Compared to AM/FM listeners, subscribers are 26% more likely to purchase/use the products advertised.3

With satellite radio added to your next campaign, your brand messages will reach an extended audience of engaged, receptive listeners. Let’s get started.


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