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Reconsidering Your Media Mix? 62% of Daily Audio Listening is Digital.

Feb 6, 2023

Digital audio is dominating our daily lives—4+ hours a day and for +46% longer. With Americans spending more time listening, digital audio is an integral part of getting your brand messages heard.

The results of the latest Edison Research Share of Ear report are in, and here’s your TLDR: digital audio is growing—62% of daily audio listening with adults 18-54 is digital. Americans are spending even more time with digital audio, making it an integral part of getting your marketing messages heard.

Digital Audio Dominates

It’s the music they stream when they want to get amped or just chill, it’s the news and talk shows they tune into to get perspective and stay informed, it’s the podcasts they binge to quench their curious minds—it’s all digital audio, and it’s dominating their daily lives. The average listener spends 4+ hours a day with some form of audio content, and most of that time is spent with digital audio.

They’re Listening More

When it comes to digital audio, the trend is more—more time, more places, and more types of content. This accessibility, flexibility, and variety gives advertisers better opportunities to connect with customers throughout the day.

More Time

Compared to last year, listeners are consuming +12 more minutes each day with their favorite music and shows. And people who consume any form of digital audio spend +52% more daily time listening to audio content, including streaming, satellite, and podcasts.

More Places

Listening happens anywhere, anytime—and that’s why digital audio is everywhere. From smart speakers to car stereos to headphones.

Here’s where listening is happening:

  • 59% at home

  • 24% in car/truck

  • 13% at work

  • 4% other

More Types of Content

Listener tastes change throughout the day, based on where they are and what they’re doing. People are:

  • +10% more likely to listen to news/info in car/truck

  • +8% more likely to listen to personalities/talk at work

  • +11% more likely to listen to music in other locations, such as gyms, retail locations, public spaces, etc.

No matter the taste or place, digital audio serves up more options than AM/FM, and listeners are here for the variety. This flexibility is driving growth across formats, especially podcasts. The total share of daily audio listening for podcasts has grown +290% since 2015. 

They’re Listening to SXM Media

Digital audio is a must-have for any campaign, and you can’t go wrong with our content powerhouses: SiriusXM, Pandora, Stitcher, and more (that’s right, even MORE than three of the biggest names in digital audio). We’re driving the rise in audio consumption, helping brands connect with our audiences in new, authentic ways that get results.

  • Pandora ad-supported continues to hold the #1 spot for daily share of audio time, holding 17% share of ear. That’s 1.3x more than Spotify ad-supported and 3x that iHeart ad-supported.

  • SiriusXM satellite share of daily audio time saw 23% growth in the last seven years.

  • Podcasts continue to see massive adoption in daily listening, with share of daily listening growing +46.3% year over year.

Your customers are listening to digital audio across our platforms—are you ready to be heard? Let us know.


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