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Sonic Identity

Feb 1, 2017
Sonic Identity

It’s no secret we love audio…a lot. Our feelings go as deep as any audiophile’s obsession with high-fidelity sound–but what we just can’t get enough of is audio’s ability to deliver stories. Stories that pierce through cluttered environments, arrive personalized for your ears only, and jump-start the imagination to make your perspective part of the experience.

That’s why audio remains the most powerful storytelling medium of our time.

We wanted to explore this idea more through the eyes of those who live and breathe audio everyday. And what better format to do so than with audio!

We, at Pandora for Brands, are pleased to give you the first episode of our new Power of Audio Podcast. This installment discusses the important role of a Sonic Identity–what it is, why it’s useful and how to do it. Our internal audio experts reveal the ins and outs of how brands should think about sonic branding–and guess what? It’s WAY more than a silly jingle.

If you’ve ever wondered about how to create the most effective audio ads possible, then the concept of a Sonic Identity is something you need to master. So pop in those earbuds and fire it up! All that’s left is to push “play."

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