Still on the Fence About Podcast Advertising?

Oct 27, 2022

It’s time to jump into podcast advertising. The medium is growing, providing brand-safe, scalable solutions to reach highly engaged listeners. With audiences shifting their attention to their favorite podcasts, it’s time to shift your ad spend, too.

Hey, there’s no shame in it. Podcasts are still kinda new, and ad budgets are changing. But here’s the thing: that’s why it’s time to jump into podcast advertising. The medium is growing both in content and popularity, and audiences are shifting their time and attention to their favorite podcasts. Not only that, but listeners are also more receptive to ads in the format compared to TV, AM/FM, videos, and social.

If you’re hesitant to put significant budget into podcast ads—or if you’ve never invested at all—consider this your push into podcast advertising.

It’s Popular and Expanding

Podcasts have exploded, and it’s still just the beginning. The data backs it up—they’re only getting more popular (check out our latest Podcast Trends Report). As podcasting and its audiences continue to grow, so do the opportunities for brands.

Podcast audiences by the numbers

It’s Where Audiences Engage

The highly engrossing nature of podcasts captivates audiences—and their attention is extending to podcast ads. The numbers don’t lie: 75% of people take action after hearing a podcast ad.1 Podcasts are intimate, on-demand content, telling binge-worthy stories consumers can’t get enough of.

Podcast Listeners are Everywhere

It’s Super Safe 

Brand safety is a non-issue with podcast advertising. Our brand safety floor meets GARM and IAB guidelines, removing all illegal, explicit, gratuitous, and extremely harmful content. We also offer three levels of brand suitability:

  • Level 1 – Appropriate for young children

  • Level 2 – Appropriate for almost everyone

  • Level 3 – Appropriate for most adults

And let’s not forget targeting, including show level, contextual transcription targeting, Predictive Audience, and more. The net-net is you can have as much control as you want over the context in which your ads are played.

It’s Scaleable

Podcast advertising has come a long way from where it was just a few years ago. With technological innovations flooding the space, you can now pair influencer-like host-read activations with programs at-scale, leveraged to your audience across entire podcast networks. No matter what your marketing goals are or where your customers are in the funnel, there’s a podcast advertising solution.

Podcasts are scalable

It’s Time to Jump Into Podcast Advertising

With the right media partner, of course. We’re a bit partial on this point (*cough* the SXM Podcast Network reaches 59M Listeners). The industry’s wild growth can make it feel like there’s a bit of advanced science involved—but we make it  easy. With over 15 years of expertise, we’ve studied, observed, researched, and worked one-on-one with the biggest brands and creators to map out a formula for success.

Let us help you get into podcast advertising. Let’s chat. 


1. SXM Media, Publicis Media, and Signal Hill Insights, Podcast Consumer Journey Study, Q4 2021

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