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10 Tips for Studio Quality Audio When You’re WFH

Studio ResonateMar 25, 2020

Welcome to Studio Resonate Showcase. Quality is key for an effective audio message. And sometimes, doing that from home can be tricky. Studio Resonate breaks down 10 tips for achieving studio quality audio while working from home.

Sound advice for homebound content creators

Now more than ever, hearing the voice of someone else can go a long way. In the age of isolation, the very act of listening can feel like therapy. And for those creating content, it’s all about authenticity—crafting a message that resonates with the listener on a deeper emotional level. But when we’re all stuck at home, how does one capture a quality recording from the kitchen table or the bathroom home office? We have some ideas.

We’re Studio Resonate: a cohort of 50+ creatives and the premiere audio-first creative consultancy. Born from Pandora’s Ad Creative Team (the first digital audio advertising team in the world), we’re here to help everyone from global brands to everyday folks harness the power of audio—even when you’re WFH.

So whether you’re remotely recording a Podcast, livestreaming on Twitch, or simply looking to increase the quality of your video conference, you can create a professional-grade recording. Here are 10 Tips for Studio-quality Audio When You’re WFH:

1. Mic, check If available, always use a dedicated microphone. There are quite a few inexpensive options out there, including the BlueYeti. It plugs into the USB port of your computer and works like a dream.

2. Shure thing If you don’t have access to a computer, an iPhone or iPad will do. An inexpensive Shure mic plugs into your phone, used in tandem with an app—making it easy to share the files when you’re done. If you don’t have a mic, use a phone or tablet before using a computer’s built-in mic, or simply compare the two. These recordings are generally low-quality, so please ensure you’re in a good space (more below).

3. Secure the right software Download of the top free recording programs, like GarageBand for Mac, or Audacity for Mac/Windows.

4. Give yourself space Record in a small space to avoid echo. Here are some mini tips on mini spaces: - Avoid rooms with lots of hard surfaces. - Coat closets make great recording environments. - When recording on the road, many voice actors build pillow forts to avoid room sound/echo in the recording. The more sound absorption you can use, the better. - Blankets/towels/comforters/pillows help to create a better recording environment, if you need to, surround your recording space with couch cushions to deaden the space a bit. Another great example of utilizing a small space and treating it with household items for recordings here.

5. Don’t be so thirsty Stay hydrated before recording. This helps avoid any natural mouth noises in your recording. Pro tip: green apples also alleviate pesky mouth noises.

6. Be conscious of the outdoors Even though you're inside, outdoor noises can infiltrate your recording. So find some distance from lawnmowers, helicopters, heavy traffic, etc.

7. Be MORE conscious of the indoors Keep windows closed and avoid rooms with heaters, AC units, or refrigerators. If you’re recording on a laptop and the fan starts roaring, place the laptop as far away from the recording source.

8. Rehearsal is key Before recording, read your script aloud a few times. If you’re not reading from a script, give yourself bullets and rehearse your tone. It’s all about feeling comfortable when you press record.

9. Options aren’t optional Record a few takes of the copy so the person who creates the final product will have enough to work with and options

10. Posture makes perfect Have good posture as you’re speaking. Standing or sitting with good posture can help project your voice and expression.

You don’t have to be an influencer or professional audio engineer to put these tips to work; it just takes a bit of planning. And with these at-home audio best practices, you can reach others more clearly and effectively. Sound good?

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