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Netflix’ Stranger Things Builds Excitement with Custom Stations

Studio ResonateJul 30, 2019

Welcome to Studio Resonate Showcase. With the third season of Stranger Things launching, Netflix and Pandora teamed up to create a station that brings the ultimate 80's nostalgia. And the audio experts at Studio Resonate made this mixtape to last.

Ready to dive into the land of sweatbands, mixtapes, and hairspray? Pandora and Netflix are taking listeners back with the Stranger Things Summer of ‘85 station. With personalized radio ads from Hawkins’ own DJ to terrifying interruptions from the Upside Down, this station is full of tunes for sci-fi enthusiasts, 80s lovers, and more.

Back to the 80s: Walkmans, Neon Sweatsuits, and Demogorgons

In light of the Season 3 release, Pandora and Netflix teamed up to excite fans with a station that embodied the personality and soul of Stranger Things. 80s popstars such as Madonna, Prince, Cyndi Lauper, David Bowie, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, and Phil Collin dominate listeners’ ears as they are transported to a world with Eleven + crew fighting off the takeover of…we’ll stop there (no spoilers!).

The station launched the day before Season 3 dropped, and reviews were hot. Bustle wrote up the station and praised its ingenuity in format (modeled after a Hawkins radio station), curation, and the in-app feature that takes you from your regular listening into a fully immersed Stranger Things experience.

Music Amplifies

Personalized stations are one of the best ways to create excitement around a big launch—especially since audio often plays such a large role in setting the ambiance and driving the storyline of TV series or movies. Music is a great way to immediately engage your fans and build connections that will take them from Pandora app to movie theater (or couch).

Interested to learn more? Check out our recent campaign with HBO and Big Little Lies or talk to one of our specialists today to start building your own branded experience.


Designer & Developer: Laura Keller

Project Manager: Ali Charlesworth

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