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Studio Resonate Unveils the Magic Behind the Power of Audio

Nils d'Aulaire, Creative Director, Studio ResonateFeb 28, 2024

From artificial intelligence to virtual reality and everything in between, CES was the best place to see the tech world’s top innovations. But for marketers, the biggest splash at this year’s conference wasn’t what they saw. 

It was what they heard. 

Audio Is Magic, debuted at CES by SiriusXM Media’s creative agency Studio Resonate, is a fully immersive and sensorial audio experience for advertisers with no deck, no screens, and no limits. It’s a one-of-a-kind audio magic show that will have you asking how we pulled it all off—and then we'll tell you.

Revealing the secrets behind the magic of audio doesn’t ruin the illusion. When you know the science behind it and the potential impact on your target audience, the magic becomes tangible, measurable, and undeniable. 

Catch a sneak peek of the magic below. Then, read on to discover some of the tricks up our sleeves.

Audio is Magic - Sizzle

Show, Don’t Tell

Sound can manipulate our perceptions and influence our behavior in remarkable ways. The core components that come into play with audio advertising are sonic identity, sound design, music, technology, and voice—and through Audio Is Magic, we explore how to leverage each one to achieve specific marketing objectives.

Attendees grab a pair of headphones and become immersed in a rich sonic experience, filled with aural phenomena and psychoacoustic trickery. But the real trick is that afterward, we reveal exactly how we did it—breaking down the underpinning concepts like priming, crossmodal congruency, and psychoacoustics—and demonstrate how you can apply those concepts in service of your brand’s creative and strategic goals. 

Within the experience, we’ve built our own small-scale audio ecosystem. An original and catchy  'Audio is Magic' mnemonic echoes through a myriad of sonic elements woven seamlessly together. Past attendees have found themselves humming our theme song as they depart, which is undeniable evidence of the compelling memorability of audio.

Why Audio Is a Must

The magic of audio does more than make the ads you hear effective and entertaining—although that is an important part of it. Our vision is to elevate how brands resonate sonically and help guide them toward a future where every sonic touchpoint, from digital to social to video, can be a brand-building moment. 

After experiencing Audio Is Magic, you’ll be able to think about audio in a whole new way, across every channel. The further upstream you engrain audio into your marketing strategy, the stronger your results will be. It’s not just about matching, it’s about creating a unified sound across your brand that resonates and stays with your audience. 

If you’re looking for a more tactical approach that gets into the nitty-gritty of audio creative, we offer several other expert narratives worth checking out too. You know where to find us

Let’s Make Magic Together

Audio Is Magic is designed to astonish and inspire our audiences, while simultaneously providing a deeper understanding of the power of audio and its ability to influence listeners’ subconscious. Did we pull it off? Here’s what early attendees had to say about it. 

Audio is Magic was one of the highlights at CES for me this year. It was an incredibly immersive experience that demonstrated the power of audio in bringing brand experiences to life.

It was one of the highlights of my week and made me see – or hear – audio in a new light. It was also a great example of how companies should showcase their offerings: interesting, informative, and interactive.

Audio Is Magic is coming soon to a city near you. Reach out to your SiriusXM Media sales representative on how you can capture the magic with Studio Resonate. 

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