Summer Sizzles on Streaming. Make Your Brand a Part of the Sound.

May 16, 2023

Summer is a mood, and music elevates it. With streaming, your brand messages play. We can help you be there as our listeners live their best lives.

Hotdogs and cold beverages need a cool soundtrack to complement the vibe. We’re heading toward sunny days, summer holidays, and spikes in listening and engagement on streaming. The good news: your brand can be a part of the good times by advertising on key stations or offering sponsored listening opportunities. The great news: our 60M listeners on Pandora and SoundCloud1 are 87% addressable,2 meaning they’ll hear your ads. And the best news: 77% of streaming listeners are co-listening,3 meaning your brand messages may also be heard by their family and friends.

Streaming music puts audiences in a good mood

Memorial Day in the Mix

Though it’s not technically summer yet, who cares? Memorial Day weekend kicks off the season of fun in the sun. And our listeners augment the good times with audio. Memorial Day was a streaming sensation on Pandora. The week leading up and following saw the highest traffic of 2022. May 23rd through May 29th had the second highest numbers for total listening hours in the Northeast and Midwest. And there were more engagements May 30th through June 5th than on 92% of the weeks in 2022. 

streaming traffic soars on memorial day weekend

The Biggest Stations & Sounds

If you want to reach listeners, advertising on Pandora the week before and following Memorial Day Weekend is the way to go. Here are some of the stations and genres listeners are loving at their cookouts and picnics.

  • Handpicked 100: Summer Shuffle – #1 trending station Memorial Day Weekend 2022, with 1,643% more engagements year over year

  • Yacht Rock Station – 220% increase in engagement on the week beginning on Memorial Day vs the 2022 weekly average

  • New Rock – 204% increase in listeners and 4,119% increase in engagements vs the previous week

  • Rockopolis: Classic Rock – 170% increase in listeners and 1,368% increase in engagements compared to the previous week

  • Patriotic Country – 80% increase in listeners and 734% increase in engagements vs the previous week

Turning up for Travel

Whether it’s a day trip or big getaway, it’s no secret that summer means travel for many Americans. As they’re on the move, most of our listeners are taking music along for the journey. Connected in the car, donning headphones on the plane, wearing ear buds on the beach, and using smart speakers at the hotel, digital audio is with them.

audiences stream music while traveling

Instrumental on Independence Day

From cookouts to blowouts, all-day festivities need a soundtrack—that is before the fireworks start. Lucky for listeners, streaming provides. The Fourth of July saw the second highest engagements on Pandora of any day in 2022. The week of Independence Day weekend (June 27th through July 3rd) was the second highest ranked holiday week.

Pandora traffic explodes on independence day

More Big Stations & Sounds

BBQ, Party, and Reggae—our listeners clearly know how to celebrate their independence. And for brands there are even more opportunities to reach our listeners on or around the Fourth of July. Here are some stations and genres to keep an ear out for.

  • Handpicked 100: American Shuffle – 6,074% increase in listeners and 38,021% increase in engagements vs the previous week

  • Pop Coast Hits – 1,473% increase in listeners and 45,547% increase in engagements vs the previous week

  • 4th of July – 522% increase in listeners and 3,774% increase in engagements vs the previous week

  • Patriotic Country – 295% increase in listeners and 2,521% increase in engagements vs the previous week

Dancing Through the Day-to-Day

Summer is more than trips and big weekends, and there are thousands of moments to reach our listeners as they soak up the sun, bond with loved ones, and have fun. And with streaming, you also reach them while they’re doing the mundane stuff like working, cooking, and doing chores, too.

streaming keeps audiences entertained all day

Bring the Sizzle to Your Campaign

Summer is a mood, and music elevates it. With streaming, your brand messages play. We can help you be there as our listeners celebrate big moments, go on adventures, and live their best lives (even if that’s while they’re cleaning the pool). Are you ready to turn up the heat on your next campaign? Let’s talk.


1. Comscore Media Metrix, December 2022 (A18+ Mobile) (Pandora + SoundCloud from Audience Duplication Tool)

2. Pandora Internal Metrics, Q4 20223. Soundboard Pandora User Study A18+, March 2022

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