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Take Note: Hispanic Audiences Spend More Time with Music

Oct 2, 2023

Campaigns are all about rhythm and timing, finding the right beat to set your ad frequency to and the best channels to ensure your brand messages inspire action. If you want to move Hispanic audiences any time of year, there’s a good chance they're listening to music, and following a Latin beat can help advertisers resonate.

Audio and Music Consumption is Outpacing General Audiences

Every day, Hispanic audiences are listening to 43 more minutes of audio compared to general audiences. That’s a 22% increase in the past year (vs. 9% for general audiences). And 74% of that time is spent with music. There are a number of factors driving this increase, including the role of music in Latin culture, the increasing mainstream success of Latin music, and the ease of streaming audio access. And let’s not forget convenience—72% of Hispanic listeners say they’re listening to more audio content today because they can access it everywhere.

Streaming music reaches Hispanic listeners

Latin Music is at the Center of Latin Culture

Digital audio is a big part of Hispanic listeners’ daily lives. And Latin music is a central element of their culture and identity, with 78% saying they listen because it’s the music they grew up listening to. It’s the sound of family, friends, and community, calling up cherished memories and forming new ones. Most Hispanic listeners (82%) say that music connects them to their culture. And nearly eight in 10 say they feel connected to traditional music from their family's country of heritage or new music from artists that identify with their ethnicity or culture.

The Popularity of Latin Music is Hitting New Heights

Latin music is mainstream. And it’s huge—with $510M in revenue from Latin music in the US in the first half of 2022. The songs are taking over global music charts while Latino artists shape global music consumption. And Latin music’s hits are not fleeting trends—they’re testaments to the growing influence and staying power. Between 2020 and 2022, there was a 55% growth in album consumption. As the popularity of Latin music explodes, 97% of the market is streaming audio. So, if you want to reach fans, platforms like Pandora and SoundCloud are where they’re listening. 

Hispanic Artists Are Driving Listening Trends

As big moments happen on the Latin music scene, we’re seeing the effects on the SiriusXM Streaming Network.

  • Karol G makes history with the first Spanish language album by a woman to open at the top of the Billboard 200​ – +77K monthly unique visitors on Pandora in the first month after album release

  • Jesús Ortiz Paz of Fuerza Regida joined Becky G on stage at Coachella – +50K increase in listening to Fuerza Regida after performance

  • Bizarrap and Peso Pluma made waves with the release of their BZRP Music Session #55 – 330K+ listeners on the artist station the week of the song’s release

  • El Alfa announced a North American tour and headlining spot at Rolling Loud – 2.5X growth in listening after announcing live shows

From established artists like Bad Bunny and Grupo Firme to the next big names like Young Miko (with 93% listener growth this year) and Feid (with 54% listener growth), Latin hitmakers are thriving on our platforms.

Reach Hispanic Audiences with Streaming Audio

Latin music is in their ears, with Hispanic audiences turning to streaming audio to find it. And brands can turn to the SiriusXM Streaming Network to reach them. Pandora listeners can’t get enough of Latin music stations, artists, and songs. And Latin music is in the top four scenes on SoundCloud, with users 2X more likely to listen than the general public.

Are you ready to reach Hispanic audiences through the music they love? Let’s talk.


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