Target Beyond Brilliance Fashion Mixer

Nov 10, 2023

For brands looking to connect with music enthusiasts, podcast streamers, or live event lovers, our sponsorship opportunities are the place to be. From live performances to IRL podcast tours, we’ve got everything an advertiser needs to get in the ears of their audiences and on the minds of local communities. 

We’re back again with another SiriusXM + Pandora Event,  and this one is all about the future of fashion, spotlighting Black-owned brands, and celebrating HBCU Homecoming week. SiriusXM + Pandora and Target brought students from Morehouse and Spelman College together to celebrate with a two-hour long mixer prior to the annual student-led fashion show. 

With DJs, free food from local Black-owned eateries, photobooths, and brand giveaways, this event offered engaging experiences and unforgettable opportunities. Hot off the runway, here are all the things that went down at the Target Beyond Brilliance Fashion Mixer, powered by SiriusXM and Pandora. 

Creating a Brand Footprint

As the doors opened, DJ Suga Shae set the mood, playing hits and creating an electrifying atmosphere for students as they explored the space. 

To kick things off, Target provided complimentary branded swag: tote bags to carry the range of brand goods they received, a toiletry bag, and fans to keep guests cool during and beyond the event.

For those looking to capture the thrill of the event and share with friends on social, we also offered a Target Photo Moment. We set up two “bullseye” opportunities for students to gather with their friends and take home a memory that will last a lifetime. 

As a continuation of support and celebration within the HBCU community, Target is looking for ways to create deeper connections by offering a unique perspective for students looking to explore future career options. Signs were posted around the event and our hosts announced the opportunity for students to sign up for the fifth annual 2024 HBCU Design Challenge. This allows participants to create apparel and accessories influenced by traditional Black style and Remixed Traditions that inspire positive progress for Black communities in the future.

Making a Stylish Impression

As a brand participating in a sponsorship opportunity, it’s important to embrace the human connection that we all share. By gathering at events, this is an advertiser's chance to see the brand go to work—creating opportunities not just for consumers to hear your brand name, but for them to interact with your products, hear the stories behind why your brand will make a difference, and connect with the faces representing your products. And Target did not disappoint!  

Target swag and tote bag in hand, students were ready to explore branded booths and see what goodies we had in store. Attendees were greeted by brand ambassadors from companies like Bevel, Camille Rose, Ghetto Gastro, Here We Flo, Partake, Pringles, and The Doux. 

Bevel provided skincare essentials, developed with the unique needs of people of color in mind. For brands to connect with communities in an authentic way, it’s important to include interactive opportunities or free swag that will resonate with them today and beyond.

Camille Rose has hair and beauty products for all—highlighting beauty in its natural form. They handed out rosemary oil, a great way for brands to showcase their products and create an opportunity for their users to become life-long guests. 

Today, connecting with women is more important than ever. They’re trend setters, decision makers, and house-hold runners, meaning they’ve got the influence and power to invest in brands that matter. Here We Flow bloomed after besties Tara and Susan took on the challenge to solve the need for organic feminine products. With their free feminine product samples, they inspired women to feel confident and empowered.

And what’s the harm with indulging in some self care? Brands can be in the ears of consumers, encouraging interaction with the products while also elevating a sense of pride when your product makes them feel like the best version of themselves. The Doux is an award-winning brand of super-fresh, texture-focused hair care solutions that merges old-school flavor with new-school science. Inspired by The Culture and designed to put an end to complicated hair-care regimens, The Deux provided complimentary products that encouraged students to Doux you.

When your brand has new product launches, events like these are the perfect way to spread the word. Target recently welcomed beloved Fenty Beauty into their Ulta Beauty collection in stores, adding to the extensive list of beauty products they carry. Students were given Fenty Snackz, mini must-haves from the collection that will entice them to go back and replenish at Target when they need. 

Treats and Sweets

What’s an event without snacks? Luckily, Target Beyond Brilliance Fashion Mixer attendees didn’t have to find out. We partnered with Slim & Huskies Pizza Beeria, a fast-casual artisan pizza shop with a love for Hip-Hop and R&B culture, to satisfy appetites across the board. The brand was created to empower communities while using pizza as a vehicle to engage, raise awareness for employment opportunities, and bring communities together as the company expands across the nation.

And sometimes, after a full meal, we crave a sweet treat. To satisfy students' sweet tooths, we provided co-branded SiriusXM and Target cupcakes.

But the scrumptious treats didn’t stop there. Here are some of the other amazing brands we partnered with to satisfy students’ cravings.

Ghetto Gastro uses food as a tool to tell stories about cultures that bring inspiration and generate excitement by merging cooking traditions of Black, Brown, and Asian folks in a high-quality, healthy fashion—connecting brand stories to the everyday flavors and cultures consumers love. 

Partake was created to offer a selection of delicious, allergy-friendly foods that people with and without restrictions can enjoy with confidence. Products that make consumers feel good while satisfying their cravings is a win-win in our books. 

 And for traditional snack lovers who look to indulge with the classic chip of our childhood, Pringles made a scorching hot appearance, cranking up snacking moments with their Scorchin’ Buffalo Potato Crisps that pack in tons of flavor in each stackable crisp. Adding nostalgia to the mix is a great way to spark recall in consumers minds and will keep them coming back for more. 

Swag Meets Culture

To continue on the theme of beauty and fashion, the event featured Atlanta-based lifestyle and travel influencer, Lee Litumbe. Lee is known for showcasing fashionable moments around the world and running her own creative digital space, Spirited Pursuit. We were honored to work alongside her as she encouraged students to explore our sponsor booths and check out our featured brands: HBCU Culture Shop, Houston White, and Philadelphia Printworks. 

The HBCU Culture Shop was created with the intent to make historically Black college and university apparel more accessible and fashionable, all while sharing cultural stories. These aren’t just clothes—they’re a love letter to all HBCU alumni and future students. By incorporating brands that connect with the root of the event, you're not just offering cool items for attendees to enjoy, you’re creating a deeper understanding that brands are for the people, by the people. 

Houston White believes that human connection is the most powerful force in nature, that our differences make us dope, and that cultural collision is the supreme model for creativity and innovation. With this custom collection, Target was able to create a link from past American consumer favorites to Afrofuturistic sentiments, allowing students to take a piece of their past and look forward to the future.

Philadelphia Printworks is an independent clothing brand inspired by past and present social justice movements. This brand is rooted in the belief that systemic change is essential for dismantling oppressive structures and building a world that respects the dignity and rights of all individuals. When brands take a stand on important issues of the world, it helps consumers see that investing in your product is more than just a swipe of a card or an item in their cart, they are opened to the opportunity of making real change by interacting with what you have to offer.

On to the Next One

As the sun was setting and the event was coming to a close, students were sent on their way to the fashion show with tons of free swag, an opportunity to continue investing in their futures, and promoting brand engagement through interactive experiences. Events like these allow us to strengthen our relationships not just with the communities involved, but also our wonderful brand sponsors that make the events one to remember. 

If you’re looking to get your brand in on the next sponsorship opportunity, we’ve got your back. In addition to the SiriusXM + Pandora franchise events, we offer a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities like our SoundCloud Next Wav events that feature panels from notable industry figures, artist-centric workshops, and local live music showcases with the city’s hottest breakthrough talent. 

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