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The 2018 Definitive Guide to Audio

Nov 1, 2017
The 2018 Definitive Guide to Audio

In case you missed it, we recently released our second annual Definitive Guide to Audio report to help marketers get up to speed on the changing audio landscape, and all its advertising opportunities.

This year’s guide provides an outlook on ad-supported audio for the current and coming year–and in particular, the state of broadcast radio, streaming music, and podcasting. Using real and reliable data, the Definitive Guide to Audio gives marketers a complete lay-of-the-land when it comes to audio, including the many new developments and emerging trends they need to know about in order to make smart media buying decisions.

In this episode of the Power of Audio, we sit down with two of the people behind this year’s report: Susan Panico, Pandora’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Solutions, and Ron Rodrigues, Pandora’s own Audio Strategist. This report is chock-full of insights and highly detailed, so lively conversation was not hard to come by! Some topics we cover in this episode include:

- How smartphone app usage is changing across demographics

- Why AM/FM radio is declining in listenership and ad revenue–and what that means for in-car listening

- How marketers should think differently about delivering a message in digital audio compared to traditional mediums like radio and TV

- Top emerging audio trends that advertisers need to be aware of

If you’ve ever wondered how much your brand should be investing in audio advertising, you don’t want to miss this episode.

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