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The 2022 Insider’s Guide to Digital Audio For Local Businesses

Nov 19, 2021

What if you could speak directly to your target audience, and get in the ears of engaged listeners? With digital audio, you can. Think about it: audio gives you a chance to talk to your customer one-on-one, craft a personalized message, and deliver it to their device at the right time. 

SXM Media makes it easy for businesses of all sizes and budgets to incorporate digital audio into their marketing plans. We’re here to talk you through the details of getting started, share what we know, and help you execute audio campaigns that drive results. Our latest Insider’s Guide does just that. 

If you need some more convincing to download and dive into digital audio, here are 5 new things we discovered while developing The Insider’s Guide:

  1. 193 million Americans listen to Internet Radio monthly.1

  2. Americans spend over 4 hours per day with digital audio.2

  3. 60% of consumers are likely to become repeat buyers after a personalized experience.3

  4. Over 100 million Americans watch, listen, or download a podcast every month.4

  5. 86% of Stitcher listeners say they have taken an action as a result of hearing a podcast ad.5

The above facts say it all: digital audio works. Make it work for you by downloading The 2022 Insider’s Guide to Digital Audio today.


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4 Edison Research, The Infinite Dial 2021, Base: Total U.S. Population 12+ listen to a podcast in the last month

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