The Women Behind Pandora’s DIRO Team

Sep 4, 2020

4999 PTM FemaleD&ITeam group

2020 has brought sweeping recognition to social justice issues across the globe. And as a music company, we take diversity and inclusion very seriously. The community of different genders, races, experiences, and backgrounds are what give music depth and connection, and the reason why it is an important part of many peoples’ lives. We have an immense responsibility to ensure that Pandora, as both a music company and entity in today’s society, is pursuing equity at all levels within the organization.

Enter: DIRO

Standing for Diversity and Inclusion for Revenue Organization, DIRO is a 13-member internal team built for the sole purpose of advising leadership on the importance of diversity and striving to diminish racial unconscious bias.

At the core of the DIRO team are 10 women who are pioneering change within the Pandora For Brands revenue organization. While the group as a whole is working to uphold a company culture of respect, empowerment, and collaboration, read below on what each woman is hoping to achieve and how she hopes to pass the mic to future generations.

4999 PTM FemaleD&ITeam Blair

4999 PTM FemaleD&ITeam Brooks

4999 PTM FemaleD&ITeam Donna

4999 PTM FemaleD&ITeam Ericha

4999 PTM FemaleD&ITeam blog Monica

4999 PTM FemaleD&ITeam Nikki

4999 PTM FemaleD&ITeam Sharon

4999 PTM FemaleD&ITeam blog Shalya

4999 PTM FemaleD&ITeam Tamu

4999 PTM FemaleD&ITeam Ymijan

Visit Pandora for Brand's website to learn more information our Pass the Mic campaign.

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