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Understanding Black Audiences & Their Connection to Audio

Feb 23, 2024

Understanding Black Audiences & Their Connection to Audio

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When it comes to audio and Black pride, the connection is undeniable—it’s inherent, prevalent, and ever-growing. In honor of Black History Month, we’re digging deeper to explore this connection and offer actionable advice for advertisers. We recently conducted a Cultural Pride Study, surveying our Black, AAPI, and Latino listeners to understand how these communities use audio to embrace their culture and express their pride.

Our latest webinar, Understanding Black Audiences & Their Connection to Audio, offered a comprehensive analysis of Black listeners today and their deep relationship with audio and its power to impact mainstream culture. See for yourself in the recording above.

Key Takeaways From Our Conversation

Short on time? Need the quick hits of everything we talked about? Take a look at our executive summary, instead

1. Music & Podcasts Are the Heartbeat of Cultural Identity for the Black Community

Our research found that 74% of Black Americans say that the music they listen to helps them express their cultural pride and identity. And this audience is listening a lot (4 hours and 34 minutes a day, to be exact). From trap tracks to soulful gospel songs, Black audiences use audio to connect with their community and sense of self.

The same goes for podcasts. This intimate medium offers a personal look at the Black experience, giving audiences a sense of validation and allowing them to feel seen and heard. In fact, 59% of Black Americans listen to podcasts that explore topics that impact the Black community.

Listen from 4:00 to 12:45 to hear more.

2. What’s Really Behind Black Pride?

There are four key pillars driving the innate pride listeners have for their culture and identity: Resilience and triumph, shared experiences, shared success, and innovation and influence. Understanding what these pillars mean to Black listeners is crucial to gaining a deeper understanding of their experience and what drives a sense of self within their community.

Listen from 13:17 to 16:06 to hear more.

3. Harnessing the Spirit of Black Pride

So, knowing all of this, what can brands do to authentically connect with this powerful audience and create messaging that has a true impact? We’ve created a Black Pride Playbook that brands can utilize to find success. This playbook includes:

  • Celebrating the legacy and future of Black pride

  • Joining in on the celebration

  • Protecting the conversation around Black-focused topics

  • Ushering in the new regime of Black creators and listeners

Listen from 21:21 to 23:21 to hear more.

Insightful, First-Hand Perspectives, Direct From Industry Leaders

After we walked through the key findings from our report, our panelists had the pleasure of speaking with Joshua "J1" Raiford, Vice President of Music Programming; Nikki Buchanan, Senior Sales Director, Multicultural; and Lucelenia Amparo, Sales Executive, Black Audience Strategy Lead. Each of our panelists brought invaluable industry insights on connecting with Black listeners across music and podcasts.

  • 31:08 — Hear what J1 has to say about how the success of Black artists in music empower the community and how it pushes the culture forward.

  • 35:42 — Find out if J1 thinks Black artists are given more credit for their contributions to music now than they were in the past—and if there’s room to grow.

  • 40:11 — Listen in as Lucelenia shares how, despite podcasts being a newer outlet in audio, hosts, shows, and listeners are fostering the preservation and protection of Black culture.

  • 42:01 — Hear why Lucelenia thinks podcasts are an ideal space for brands to connect with Black listeners.

  • 42:23 — Find out how Nikki defines authenticity in the advertising space and what makes an advertiser authentic from the lens of a Black consumer.

  • 48:07 — Listen in as Nikki shares some of the most authentic brand connections to Black audiences she’s seen in audio—and what sets these campaigns apart from others.

Can’t get enough of our Black audience insights? There’s more where that came from—a whole lot more. Download our latest report, Unpacking Cultural Pride today.

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