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Understanding The Connected Home Opportunity

Oct 22, 2018

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0:16 - How does the Connected Home opportunity today compare to the Mobile Phone opportunity a decade ago? 2:28 - What are the best practices for marketers using smart speakers? 6:10 - How can marketers be a leader in the audio space?


“Digital audio is really exploding. It’s a worldwide phenomenon, and there’s an opportunity for sophisticated digital advertisers to revisit the playbook. Now is the time to jump on this bandwagon before everyone else does, because there are opportunities to be had.” -David Hardtke, Director of Science

Episode 2 drops us into conversation with Claire Fanning, VP of Ad Innovation Strategy, and David Hardtke, Director of Science, discussing the advertiser opportunity to market via Smart Speakers, which harkens back to the growth period of smartphones. At that time, there were a lot of unknowns. Notably, many marketers were unsure of how to use mobile advertising to drive action. Fast forward to today, where savvy marketers have a similar landscape ahead of them with the next emerging platform for reaching consumers. There is a promising opportunity to understand connected devices in more depth: What works on this platform? What products sell on this platform? How should I measure effectiveness?

While we explore the Connected Home space more, there are early best practices marketers can be using today: - Create a sonic identity: when it comes time for consumers to make purchases using their connected device, help your brand be top-of-mind in an audio-only environment - Tone down the music bed and sound effects: brands are put directly in someone’s living room, and therefore the creative does not require the attention-grabbing noise that is typically used in more cluttered environments - Start a conversation: listeners may be co-listening with friends and family in their home. Consider starting a conversation that can be carried throughout the home environment long after your impression

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