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Universal Technical Institute Increases Leads by 365%

Aug 6, 2021
  • +365%

    Increase in leads throughout the campaign

  • -72%

    Decrease in cost per lead throughout the campaign

Pinpointing audience segments and continual optimizing leads to ongoing success 

The Challenge

As the nation’s leading provider of technician training in the transportation industry, UTI wanted to bring in even more talented folks and increase enrollment.

The Solution

We put our targeting skills to work. To find potential students, we leveraged demographic, geographic, and behavioral audience segments, such as “High School Grads,” to target the brand’s audience. Over the course of 2+ years, we used a variety of ad products, including Mobile Audio, Mobile Video, and Mobile Display. With our advanced tech, we were able to track three types of conversions: click-through, hear-through, and view-through.

The Results

What started as an audio-only investment grew to a much broader mix of ad products throughout the 2-year campaign—due to ongoing communication, performance tracking, and regular optimizations between campuses and programs. We kept evaluating what was working best and adjusted when needed—like when we tested a Mobile Display campaign and found that it was excitedly driving a low cost per lead. As a result, the brand increased Display investment, and this opened the door to other product recommendations, such as Mobile Video, to really amp up their campaign. UTI wound up increasing their overall investment with SXM Media by 59% over the two years.

The service we receive from the SXM Media team is head and shoulders above what we receive from other media partners. The team understands our business, our goals, and works with us to optimize performance. They are very responsive to our requests and provide creative solutions to our challenges.

Sherry CriderDirector of Advertising, Universal Technical Institute

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