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Voter Trends in a Changing Climate

Sean Duggan, VP Advertising SalesMay 12, 2020

Throughout the 2020 Election we are surveying our listeners to gauge voter intent, sentiment, and the evolving issues shaping how listeners will vote this fall. Our latest political Pandora Soundboard listener survey revealed that voter engagement and intent to vote has reached an all-time high as 87% of listeners say they intend to vote in November. In fact, listeners are leaning in and following political news updates on a weekly basis (86% weekly; 55% daily).

Not surprisingly, the dominant issue now shaping the election is healthcare and the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While 61% of listeners think their state and local governments have done a good job handling the epidemic, only 28% of listeners approve of the federal government’s response. Voters are eager and interested to see how campaigns will respond.

Crossing Party Lines

27% of listeners stated they are likely to vote outside their political party. Voters who don’t have a strong party affiliation (14% undecided) are eager to see how campaigns will show up in the coming months. In result, there could be many swing voters approaching the Election.

Multicultural and Younger Audiences are Excited and Engaged

Multicultural and younger listeners say they are more excited about this election than previous Presidential Elections with healthcare, education and the environment as their top concerns. With more issues that are directly impacting these audiences, they are even more engaged in what politicians are saying, and not saying, about their future and their communities.


Pandora listeners are motivated to vote this fall. How will the government’s continued response to COVID-19 impact voting? Will campaigns prioritize the issues affecting younger audiences and multicultural voters in November? Over the next 6 months, we will continue to follow the trends shaping the election and share Pandora Soundboard insights into how our listeners are planning to vote this fall.

Campaigns need to be aware of the evolving voter mindset. Understand what is important to each audience and communicate on issues they are passionate about. Audio solutions can help create a genuine conversation and strengthen your connection with voters.

Let Pandora help your campaign strategy through the power of sound. Please reach out to the political sales team for more information.

Source: Pandora Soundboard, Political Study (N=2,263), April 2020; Pandora Soundboard, COVID-19 Verticals Study, (N=2,860), April 2020

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