We Are SXM Media

May 7, 2021

🎤tap, tap, tap. Allow us to (re)introduce ourselves.

We’re SXM Media, an audio powerhouse that lets you reach your most valuable audiences, simply and easily. We have the largest ad-supported audience in the U.S. across satellite, streaming, and podcasting, which reaches 150 million listeners a month—everywhere they are. With our unrivaled content, innovative formats, ad technology, and advanced targeting, you can connect with your listeners and deliver a message that resonates, at scale. (Pause for clapping).

A little more about who we are: We’re the official advertising arm of the three leading audio brands in North America—SiriusXM, Pandora, and Stitcher. Not to mention, brand direct and exclusive access to SoundCloud and NBCU News Group.

While our name has changed, we’re the same client-centric organization built on innovative solutions, insights, trust, transparency, and best-in-class service, just stronger than ever. With bespoke services from Studio Resonate creative, LIVE events, custom research, analytics and insights, all tied together by one of the nation’s largest logged-in user bases, we bolster connections between brands, creators, and listeners. All of this helps drive success for you, our clients.

Here’s a closer look.


What does this mean for advertisers? We now serve as a new cross-platform sales organization to take care of all of your audio needs. From planning and producing to managing and measuring, you can rest easy knowing that our deep-rooted expertise can handle all your audio needs, with the agility needed for today’s environment. Pick the solution that works best for you, ’cause we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

Gone are the days of working with multiple partners that lead to time inefficiencies and disparate campaigns. Create a seamless message across platforms, content, and devices with our bespoke services including creative consulting from Studio Resonate, live and virtual events with Pandora LIVE, and leading ad tech solutions from AdsWizz and Simplecast.

Driving success for our advertisers is at the core of what we do, but giving consumers captivating content is always top of mind. And our content is, quite frankly, unbeatable. No matter where your listeners are tuning in—satellite radio, streaming music, or podcasts—you can reach them through a variety of ad solutions that build true connections. Think: a host-read ad with Roman Mars of 99% Invisible podcast, a sponsored playlist on Pandora, or a custom integration with Jeff Lewis Live on SiriusXM. Better yet? All three.


A shout-out to all creators and talent. You’re in good hands, too. Our modernized tools can help you build and grow the stuff you care about most—your business, brand, and audience.

Whether you’re a well-known podcast creator or an up-and-coming musician, we help creators of all kinds thrive. Those 150 millions monthly listeners we mentioned? We can reach them together, across all our brands and multiple platforms, in innovative ways. When live events shut down, Pandora LIVE was at the forefront, reimagining virtual events. From creating memorable experiences to getting the word out to new subscribers about your show, we’re here to do it all.

We help you connect with brands you like and want to endorse, and the fans you want to reach. You’ll find that our creative work and approach to ads honors your craft and keeps that special relationship between you and your listeners.


There are four major elements that make the audio world go round: listeners, creators, publishers, and advertisers. And, we’re focused on building relationships and delivering the best results for each and every one.

We’re so excited for what the future holds and to work with you as SXM Media. Let’s make it happen.

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