We Meet IAB Podcast Measurement Guidelines (for Starters)

Mar 11, 2024

Cue the confetti: SiriusXM Media is IAB Podcast Measurement certified (again) by the IAB Tech Lab. This time it’s for meeting the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines 2.1, which represent the latest set of standards to be released. Aligning all of our internal practices to these updated industry standards continues our effort to ensure advertising clients can be confident in the measurement of their podcast buys.

But what does certification mean to you as an advertiser? Feel free to read the guidelines for yourself, but here’s the net-net of why certification matters.

Work First, Then Certification

Getting certified isn’t the work—it’s third-party verification of the work we’ve been doing (and will continue to do). We’ve standardized all of the processes across our organization to find efficiencies and develop best practices. That means synchronizing across our platforms, partnerships, and tech. And we’re constantly innovating to ensure we are meeting your needs as an advertiser when it comes to ad delivery, brand suitability, measurement, and reporting.

You Can Trust Us to Deliver

As the saying goes, “trust, but verify.” And that’s what our IAB Tech Lab Podcast Measurement certification allows brands to do, so you can be confident that we’re counting the delivery of your podcast ads properly. We’re committed to providing the most accurate reporting we can, based on industry standards. 

While Protecting Your Brand Reputation

We also know there are pieces of the puzzle that live outside of industry podcast measurement standards. Keeping brands safe and aligned with appropriate content is critical in the podcast advertising space. We offer the ability to customize your brand suitability needs according to GARM framework standards to ensure you not only avoid the content you find questionable, but also align with the content that supports your brand persona.

With an Eye on the True Measure of Podcast Ad Effectiveness

Proving the success of podcast advertising campaigns means measuring podcast ad effectiveness. And we work with partners like Kantar Millward Brown and Claritas to measure metrics like brand lift and actions like online purchases. So, beyond the numbers of ads served to listeners, you’ll know how your ads performed with them.

2.2—We’re on it

By now, it should be clear that certification isn’t a start or end point for us. The ink may still be wet on our 2.1 certification, but it’s already in our rearview on the way to IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines 2.2. Those guidelines are already up for public comment, and our very own Brendan Kelly, Director, Ad Quality is quoted in the IAB press release.

Audio makes up 31% of media consumption, but just 9% of ad spend. To help the medium reach its full potential in advertising and welcome more marketers into the space, we’re proud to work with the IAB Tech Lab to make podcast measurement easier, more transparent, and more standard. We will wholeheartedly adopt these enhanced metrics and measurement practices to further advance this work.

Brendan KellyDirector, Ad Quality at SiriusXM Media

Constantly Evolving the SiriusXM Podcast Network

From the tech we use (hello, Adswizz and Simplecast), to the partnerships we form (sup, audiochuck, NBCUniversal, Pitaya, and so many more), to the talent we work with (shout out to superstars like Conan O’Brien), to the activations we offer (like host and announcer reads, sponsorships, and live events to name a few), we’re constantly evolving. And we’re just getting started. Our goal is to provide the best advertising opportunities and experiences for brands—and we’re succeeding.

Let’s talk about measuring success for your next podcast campaign.

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