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Jan 23, 2024

Hello, we're SiriusXM Media—we'd say nice to meet you, but we've already met.

No, being an entity of SiriusXM isn’t necessarily new. And over the past five years, with the combination of SiriusXM, Pandora, renowned podcast networks, SoundCloud, and more, we have amassed into an audio advertising powerhouse. So, we’ve come to a point where it was time to let the industry, our clients, and everyone know: We are the largest audio advertising company in the game with a name that represents us as such. We are SiriusXM Media.

What's not changing: our dedication to you, our clients, and the audio industry as a whole. We are the longest-standing, largest audio portfolio in the industry, with the largest ad-supported audio ecosystem out there. And we’re continuing to push the boundaries of adtech, innovation, client service, measurement solutions, and more.


Live, human-curated, and artist-hosted radio, exclusive talk, podcasts, news, sports, and more. SiriusXM is home to more than 400 channels, as well as tens of thousands of hours of SiriusXM-produced, on-demand audio content reaching 35 million subscribers in the car and across connected devices.

SiriusXM Streaming Network

The most dynamic slate of ad-supported audio streaming platforms, including Pandora, SoundCloud, SiriusXM streaming, and network publishers including Sonos, Spanish Broadcasting System, Audiomack, and Idobi.

SiriusXM Podcast Network

The largest collection of leading podcast networks, shows, and creators, including Team Coco, audiochuck, NBCUniversal, Stitcher Studios, Crooked Media, and many others. We are the #1 network with women and represent more shows in Edison’s Top 25 Podcast Metrics report than any other podcast network.

Live Experiences

A lineup of unforgettable IRL experiences, including the SiriusXM Small Stage Series, Music Row Happy Hour, El Pulso, HBCU Homecoming, and much, much more. From exclusive concerts to live podcast tapings, brands can get in front of live fans and offer them the experiences of a lifetime.

Just a new look and simplified name…and a fresh commitment to bringing you audio excellence on the reg. 

Now that you're all inspired, drop us a line.

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