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We’re One of the Most Trusted Data Partners out There, and Here’s Why

Aug 16, 2021

It can be pretty daunting operating in a world with privacy issues flying left and right—and we get that. When it comes to data, we know that trust is everything, which is why we’re set on making sure both our listeners and our advertisers can have a trusted partner in an unpredictable digital world.

At SXM Media, we’re IAB Tech Lab-certified for Data Transparency, meaning our first-party audience data is quality and trustworthy. We even partnered with IAB to develop the standards, since we had a lot to say about it. In fact, we are the only digital audio company to have earned this certification. (Yes, you read that right.)

Ok, we have a certification—so what? Here are four reasons why it makes us the best partner for you: 

  1. We have the richest dataset in audio, and our first-party data is next level. With over 150 million listeners on multiple platforms and devices, we pick up on billions of data signals each day across streaming and podcasts. These data signals help us improve content and create better advertising experiences all around. 

  2. Our data is accurate and credible. We dive deep into our data to get the most accurate targeting. For example, when we target by “mood,” we don’t just factor in the tone and tempo of a song—we use “mood scoring” for every song, and validate these results through actual listener surveys.

  3. No bots, no problems. With us, an impression is a real impression, and a click is a real click—from real people. Every number on that end-of-campaign wrap report is an actual listener who engaged with your brand (we can’t say that for every ad platform out there).

  4. We’re all about the connections. Tell us who you want to reach, and we’ll come up with a strategy to do it effectively. Whether that’s through our first-party targeting, matching your own database to our listeners, and more. We’ve always said: what’s good for the listener is good for the advertiser, and that continues to prove true here. 

Data Makes Everything Better

Especially when it comes to advertising experiences. It’s the backbone for all of our targeted ad solutions. With our exciting amount of first-party information, we can craft experiences to fit your campaign objective, whatever that may be. It all starts with our vast contextual and behavioral targeting options. Get this: We can target your audience based on their interests, geographic location, type of device, listening location, time of day, activities, mood, and more.

From “sports enthusiasts” to “news and politics,” we find the audiences who matter most to you. Like we said, audio data is extremely powerful for creating personalized ad experiences. It helps us drill down and ensure we’re delivering the best ads to the most appropriate listeners—this also makes sure your campaign is relevant. Because when your audience is attentive and engaged, your brand will make an impact. 

Podcasts, Brand Safety, and Beyond

When it comes to podcast shows, our combined reach across Stitcher, Pandora, and SiriusXM gives users access to the largest catalog of podcasts. As for the listening data we receive, it gives us a window into emerging content and changing audience behaviors. That’s good news for advertisers, too—you can get the best listener data that’s available on podcasting.  

Want to find podcasts that talk about travel? Business? Culture? How about a podcast that goes into detail on basketball-related topics? Our Transcription Targeting scans millions of episodes to find niche topics in a turnkey manner, and avoid the topics and shows you don’t want to associate with (that’s brand safety at its finest). 

Since advertisers continue to put dollars into digital platforms, digital audio needs to be a safe haven with accurate, insightful data. Our listeners trust us to use their data wisely, and for good reason—we stay at the forefront of innovation. There’s a lot more we’re exploring and working on, and you’ll be the first to know about our next industry-leading insights.

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