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Don Cheto is a 65-year-old character with a large amount of experience and experiences in Mexico and the United States. With his engaging anecdotes, jokes, music and Michoacán-style language, Don Cheto keeps his radio listeners well tuned. Don Cheto's personality has captivated audiences of all ages for years. He is controversial, flirtatious and funny. Don Cheto along with his teammates, Gisselle Bravo, El Chino and Said, makes their mornings fun with his unique style and a very different way of seeing life. Don Cheto is truly a radio phenomenon, a star of television, an ?influencer? on social media and a great recording artist who even makes movies! He is the adored uncle that all Hispanics have in their family, the one who has advice for everyone and an opinion on everything.


  • Juan Carlos Razo
    Juan Carlos Razo
  • Don Cheto
    Don Cheto


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