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How Did This Get Made? is a comedy podcast hosted by the iconic trio of Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas, where they delve into the wild world of cinematic flops, failures, and oddities. Each episode, the hosts, along with special guests, hilariously dissect and analyze some of the most absurd and perplexing movies ever made, from baffling plot twists to nonsensical dialogue and everything in between. With their trademark wit, irreverence, and infectious enthusiasm, Throughout the past decade, the three friends have developed a die-hard community of comedy-obsessed fans, often selling out venues like NYC's Beacon Theatre and The Wilbur. Interesting in advertising on How Did This Get Made? Let's talk


  • Paul Scheer
    Paul Scheer
  • June Diane Raphael
    June Diane Raphael
  • Jason Mantzoukas
    Jason Mantzoukas


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