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Huge Fan: Where Stars Talk Sports

LaChina Robinson talks to your favorite musicians, actors, and comedians about the moments that made them laugh, cheer, and completely unravel when it comes to their sports teams.

Did you know Tracy Morgan won’t attend a Giants game if his favorite ticket handler isn’t there, or that Malcolm Gladwell was one of the fastest teens in Canada? How about the fact that Ashley Judd puts on the same socks for every Kentucky Wildcats game, or that Michael Bublé postponed a concert so he could watch his Canucks in the Stanley Cup Finals?

From sublime victories to devastating losses, prized memorabilia to absurd superstition, we cover it all: the NFL—from the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Dallas Cowboys, the NBA—from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Boston Celtics, the MLB—from the New York Yankees to the Los Angeles Dodgers, the NHL—from the Detroit Red Wings to the Chicago Black Hawks, the NCAA—from the USC Trojans to the LSU Tigers, and even Olympic teams—from Dream to Redeem!

Unlock another level of your pop culture brain power with Huge Fan: Where Stars Talk Sports.

Huddle up on Wednesdays for a fresh way to connect with the biggest personalities over something we all relate to: fandom.

Featuring original music by The Budos Band.


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