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(Spanish) Faustina Evangelina Manotas Preciado, also known as Tina, cheers on and offers advice to his son Victor during a match in their town’s football soccer championship; she then stops doing that to go look for Polita, her husband’s daughter, who she has raised as her own. From the distance, she sees Polita standing next to two men. Meanwhile, the father of one of the rival team players, Kenny, tells Victor he is a terrible soccer player and that he will never make it to the professional league; this remark will later echo in young Victor. Tina then comes back to the field and everyone congratulates her on Victor’s performance since his team won the match thanks to him. She sets to find him and, when she does, she notices he is really sad. Tina doesn’t know what’s wrong, but she guesses it has to do with Victor’s dad not showing up as he had promised. She tries to find an excuse on his behalf, telling her son that Edwin works very hard in order to provide for the family. In that moment, Edwin is having some beers while watching a soccer match when some thugs arrive to collect the money Edwin lost in a bet. He doesn’t have the money to pay, so they give him 15 days to get the cash owed. On the next day, Tina realizes Victor has not arrived to the match. When she finally finds him, he tells her he doesn’t want to play soccer anymore and lies saying he is sad because he misses his dad. Despite Victor’s arguments, Tina knows soccer is his son’s biggest passion and she reminds him she promised to make him a professional soccer player and commits to fulfilling her promise. Victor’s excitedly joins the game again when Arnoldo, impressed by his grandson’s talent, suggests Tina to leave town to give Victor the chance to have a shot at the sport. In the end, Victor scores and celebrates both the goal and that his dad showed up to see him play. Then, Tina convinces Edwin to move to Bogotá in order to offer the family better opportunities, one of them being giving Victor the chance to become a professional soccer player and to give Polita the chance of a better future. Tina tells her kids and her dad that Edwin and she have decided to start afresh in Bogotá. Trying to make some extra money, Tina comes up with the idea of throwing a party and selling tickets to it. With that in mind, she looks for Florentino, a good friend of hers, who plays the marimba aside from selling mangos; he doesn’t think twice before gladly accepting to help her. Edwin, annoyed by Florentino’s flirting with his wife, tries to leave town to work, but he stumbles upon Antonio “Toño” Manrique, who works for the person Edwin owes money to. Toño reminds him of the deadline and stops him from leaving. Some days later, Antonio meets Edwin in front of Floro and asks him to pay him back, but Edwin doesn’t have the money yet. Tina successfully sells the tickets to the party, so she figures it would be a good idea to raffle a motorbike, which Edwin says he will bring from Buenaventura. The Rumba Bailable is met with even more success when they add the motorbike raffle. During the party, Florentino is entertaining the attendees giving Edwin time to get there with the bike, which people is impatiently waiting for. Florentino tells Tina that Edwin, sooner or later, will let her down; yet, in that moment, Edwin arrives bringing with him the motorcycle. The town’s priest is the winner of the raffle. Once the party is over, Tina pays “Floro”, as she calls Florentino, for his performance and he thanks her and lets her know that, thanks to her, he will be playing at the town’s hotel. Edwin can’t make himself confess to Tina about the debt he is into, but he does tell her he hasn’t paid for the motorcycle. Tina, being empathetic and truly in love with her husband, hands him the money so he can pay for it.


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