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Don't miss all the adventures of the top Hispanic radio couple in the United States! The renowned announcers, Omar Velasco and Argelia Atilano, return to the media through a podcast as unique as their great love story that was born while “on the air” on the radio. This couple with their magical spark managed to conquer the hearts of millions of radio listeners every morning. Their contagious chemistry, simplicity, real and transparent conversations, in a fresh and relaxed atmosphere, are part of the formula for the success of this popular and spoiled couple. In this new stage of their lives, the authors of the book Amor al Aire undertake yet another adventure by giving us their experiences and experiences in a more intimate way and without reservations as husbands and fathers. In this podcast, Omar and Argelia are willing to open their hearts and souls by sharing the fun, challenging and joyful moments of their lives over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. In each episode, they will share their perspective, commentary and opinions on current events, social issues, popular music and the occasional entertainment topic, not to mention gossip. In other words, if it is trending or relevant, you will hear it with Omar and Argelia with the unique, spontaneous and familiar style that has always characterized them. Welcome to the Diary of Omar and Argelia!


  • Omar Velasco
    Omar Velasco
  • Argelia Atilano
    Argelia Atilano

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