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The All4Ness movement is the platform of tools to achieve NESS together. But what is NESS? the point where all positive forces converge, during the search for success, balance, well-being and happiness for each individual and its impact on the community. Wellness, Mindfulness, Business, Kindness, Forgiveness, Humbleness, Calmness, Goodness. Let's talk about health, well-being, happiness, success, love and family with personalities and experts from the world of entertainment, journalism, sports, music, business, medicine, technology and motivation. Hosted by journalist, broadcaster and producer Horacio Ontiveros and produced by Wendy Sayago, founder of Summix Center.


  • Wendy Sayago
    Wendy Sayago
  • Horacio Ontiveros
    Horacio Ontiveros

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