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Hanging with Los Sotelos

Welcome to our Feel Good Listening Experience. Hola familia, we are Edgar “Shoboy” and Janet Sotelo, a Mexican American married couple, with two wonderful young daughters. We hope you’re ready for us to fully expose our life, discuss relationship drama (Yours & Ours) and current events in an uplifting, thought provoking way that will hopefully fill you with Laughter, Faith and Encouragement. We look forward to hanging out with you and becoming part of your familia. We have been married for 9 years and due to Edgar “Shoboy”'s Radio Hosting Career, we have been Blessed with amazing friends and adventures in San Francisco, Dallas, New York City and our current home Los Angeles. Our life and marriage for the past 2 years has been challenged like never before and we will share with you how Faith, Gratitude and Humor has helped us navigate through our toughest times while still enjoying life.So get ready for the Good, the bad and The Funny as we navigate this beautiful thing called life, together with you. "Hanging With Los Sotelos" @discoveringAgape #LosSotelos --

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