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A weekly news podcast for the true crime junkie, from the true crime experts you’ve come to trust. Every Thursday Dateline correspondent Andrea Canning and her guests will dive into the four buzziest crime stories of the week, bringing listeners the latest updates on trials and investigations around the country, as well as a glimpse into the criminal justice system itself.

Whether it’s Scott Peterson arguing for a new trial, a precedent setting prosecution of the Michigan school shooter’s parents or a murder captured on SD card in Alaska, the podcast will spotlight the cases big and small riveting Americans. With an interview format that feels immediate and intimate, listeners will hear Andrea talking to those in the know ranging from local reporters at the courthouse, Dateline producers embarking on a story or experts with the answers to big picture questions about forensics, law enforcement and the law.

With access to the Dateline archives and Dateline’s contacts in the world of law enforcement, through collaboration with NBC affiliates and the network newsroom, this informed and authoritative podcast will become the destination for not just Dateline fans but a new audience of true crime fans.



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