3 New Listener Tastes Shaping Podcast Trends

May 18, 2022

There's a new listener digging into podcasts with a fresh palate and diverse tastes. Are you ready to serve them?

Take what you think you know about podcast listeners and throw it in the trash. Wait, no. Don’t do that. The O.G. listener is still alive and ravenous, but what you may not know is that there’s a new, emerging listener snacking on podcasts whose appetite is just starting to grow—and set to take off in a big way.

We just released The New New, our freshest crop of podcast trends for 2022, going deep on everything from audiences to creators to advertisers. And we thought we’d give you a taste to whet your appetite. So, without further ado, let’s dig into what we learned about the new podcast listener.

1. A Smorgasbord of New Demographics

Podcasts have been around for years (and years) and so have O.G. listeners. This mature, mostly male audience has been listening all along and is still devoting hours of time and attention to consuming their favorite podcasts. As you can see in the chart below, the new listener is plating up differently. These newbies are younger (obviously), more evenly split between male and female, and more culturally diverse.


The new listener isn’t replacing the O.G. Instead, they’re expanding the listening audience—and advertising opportunities—bringing more flavor and dimension. With 79% of O.G. listeners saying they have a least one favorite podcast, new listeners aren't far behind them with 71% saying the same.1 The key to tapping into this younger, evolving audience is understanding what brings them to the table.

2. A Changing Menu of Topics

Tastes in podcast cuisine are shifting with the demographics. Though comedy appears to be like the pizza of the podcast world—everybody loves it—news and politics are slipping in favor of true crime with new listeners. And the youngsters are craving celebrity conversation, knocking science and technology out of their top five tastes.


Your takeaways from the chart above will depend on your brand, your message, and your target audience. But if you’re looking to savor the power of this up-and-coming listening audience, it’s time to diversify your approach.

3. Omnivorous Listening Habits

New listener, who dis? The old wisdom of going all in on a show or genre won’t get you far with new podcast listeners. These kids are ready to podcast hop, sampling new and different shows more often.


It’s the streaming effect (think Netflix and Hulu). These binging listeners were raised on on-demand content, which has influenced their podcast consumption habits. New listening is more fleeting, given to indulging in the various delights of specific interests and topics. The good news is that we have the technology to let advertisers keep pace with the flavor of the minute, day, or week.

Listening Habits are Just the Amuse-bouche

New listener tastes are just the meringue tip of the baked Alaska. Get ready for a heaping helping of delicious, actionable data. The 2022 Podcast Trends Report takes you through layers of data, addressing every ingredient in the podcast pie to help you take your slice.


Already cleaned your plate? Then it’s time to indulge in the sweet treat of talking to us.


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