July Podcast Roundup: Redefining Entertainment

Alexandria Caggia, Podcast Sales Marketing Specialist, SiriusXM MediaJul 1, 2024

As people sink deeper into the digital quicksand, they’re growing tired of passive consumption and media overload – prompting linear TV to decline in viewership last year and social media daily usage to fall below what it was in 2019. Podcast listening, on the other hand, continues to skyrocket, with a 200% increase in number of listeners over the last decade. That’s because audio offers audiences an escape from the tsunami of humdrum content that floods their screens. And the SiriusXM Podcast Network has just what these listeners are looking for. Read on to explore our compelling lineup of entertainment podcasts!

Couch Critics

Unspooled - Trailer

From the comfort of their own homes, Amy Nicholson (Film Critic) and Paul Scheer (Comedian) watch the highest-ranking films in cinematic history, so you don’t have to. Dig deep into classic tropes, heroic character development, and shocking plot twists every week on Unspooled. Paul’s witty remarks and Amy’s encyclopedic knowledge of the film universe make for one heck of a show! In fact, one very devoted fan left a five-star review saying, “I love this show. Amy and Paul’s insight and differing perspectives have changed the way I think about film.” No wonder the podcast resonates so strongly with highly-educated, millennial cinephiles. 

Sizzle & Stir

Page 7 - Trailer

Turn to Page 7 for gag-worthy gossip on Hollywood’s finest with long-time friends Jackie Zebrowski, MJ Knefel, and Holden McNeely. Each week, the hosts dish out their undisputed POV on all things pop culture, from Bridgerton backlash and JLo’s career flops to quirky Taylor Swift subreddits and mind-blowing conspiracies. And since 1 in 3 Last Podcast Network listeners say conversational podcasts are easy to share and discuss with friends, we know these conversations are carrying on long after the episode ends!

A Blast From The Past

Where Everybody Knows Your Name - Trailer

Sing it with me: “Wouldn’t you like to get away….” and discover Team Coco’s latest hit, Where Everybody Knows Your Name? From the brilliant minds of “Cheers” co-stars Ted Danson and Woody Harrelson, comes the can't-miss series that leaves fans bursting with laughter. Each nostalgia-filled episode offers Ted and Woody a chance to rekindle their unlikely friendship of 40+ years and reconnect with legendary household names like Will Arnett, Kristen Bell, Eric Andre, Conan O’Brien, Jane Fonda, and Simu Liu. Shortly after being released, the show quickly rose to the top of the charts, joining established hits like Crime Junkie and Dateline.

And The Final Rose Goes To…

Love To See It - Trailer

Two reality TV lovers recap and debrief on The Bachelor franchise’s  juiciest, jaw-dropping moments and beyond in this weekly chat-cast. Whether it’s explosive confrontations or toxic love triangles, hosts Emma Gray and Claire Fallon unpack it all on Love To See It a snarky but affectionate dissection of reality dating shows. With an audience that’s 95% women, LTSI listeners are all about female empowerment, smashing the patriarchy,  and devouring discourse around the shows they love.

Latin Stars Unplugged

La Entrevista - Trailer

Live from Mexico, Yordi Rosado conducts a series of never-before-heard interviews with buzz-worthy celebs. The host brings a fresh perspective and humble energy to the podcast, hosting Mexico’s #1 radio show, selling out shelves of written works, and drawing in over four million subscribers on YouTube. La Entrevista’s core audience of Latinx culturists are left starstruck after hearing hour-long conversations with guests like Martin Lawrence, Eugenio Derbez, Dana Paola, Martha Higareda, and more. Think of the show as Jimmy Kimmel meets Kelly Clarkson with a sprinkle of Drew Barrymore. 

Console Chatter

Wizard and the Bruiser - Trailer

The Last Podcast Network’s Holden McNeely and Jake Young are guiding listeners on a psychotropic quest through the secret origins of nerd culture on Wizard and The Bruiser. The show’s Gen Z audience is free to let their geek flags fly as hosts revel in comic books, video games, anime, film, and the like. Listeners love their enthusiastic take on the history of Pizza Hut, the character-filled world of Roblox, and the sssssmokin’ 90’s film ‘The Mask’ – to name a few fun topics recently covered. 

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