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What Can 3D Audio Do for Your Next Campaign?

Jul 13, 2021

3D audio brings brands to life in the audio advertising space, redefining the ways they connect with listeners. Enhance your messages and captivate audiences with this fascinating, realistic tool.

There’s a reason people spend thousands of dollars on surround sound speakers. Or on state-of-the-art headphones. And it’s because certain sound capabilities can transform audio into real-life, immersive experiences. 

Don’t just play your ads. Let listeners experience them. Enter: 3D Audio. 

Create a Multisensory Experience with Sound

3D audio is an audio design tool that allows us to create the illusion of a three-dimensional environment around the listener by placing or moving sounds in various directions. It’s a transportive and realistic audio experience, immersing the listener into an environment created for them. 

Grab Your Headphones

Join audio experts Katelyn Mueller and Tanvi Phadke from Studio Resonate as they take you on a sonic journey into the magic of 3D audio. To get the full effect, grab your best pair of headphones.

A demonstration of 3D audio with Studio Resonate

Immerse Listeners in Sound

Listen to these immersive soundscapes.

A Day at the Beach
A Day at the Amusement Park

3D Audio Isn’t Just a Nice-to-Have 

We’re in a content boom. The Internet is capturing us. Streaming is captivating us. The competition is tougher than ever. Today, brands are spending millions of dollars and thousands of hours to attract consumers whose average attention span is less than six seconds. Creating ad experiences with 3D audio breaks through the noise. It elevates your message in several ways: harnessing the listener's imagination, targeting their emotions, and serving as a visual cue to paint their own sonic pictures. 

Ads with 3D audio are proven to improve ad recall, boost brand perception, and drive purchase intent.

Take Your Brand Message to the Next Level

What if your target audience could do more than hear your ad—what if they could experience your brand’s message? That’s the power of 3D audio. Using three-dimensional sound brings brands to life in the audio advertising space, redefining the ways they connect with listeners.

Hear the Possibilities

Sample Ad 01 - Fight Side
Sample Ad 02 - Kidlers

Take a deep dive into immersive audio, including best practices and more examples, with our 3D Audio Creative Guide from Studio Resonate. 

Ready to take your brand to the third dimension and beyond? Let’s talk 3D audio.

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