4 Key Podcast Audience Insights We Learned…From a Lizard

Jan 29, 2024

Hear It from the Host: Therapy Gecko

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What do you get when you combine a guy in a gecko costume with an unlicensed therapy, call-in-style show? A hit podcast that Gen Z can’t get enough of, apparently. That’s right—we’re talking about Lyle Forever of Therapy Gecko. Actually, we did talk to him, during our first Hear It from the Host webinar of 2024. And we uncovered quite a few thought nuggets that could inform a totally different (and successful) advertising strategy.

Key Takeaways

Looking for the executive summary of what we chatted with Lyle about? We’ve got you covered.

1. The Beauty of Comedy x Self-Help Podcasting

As you probably remember from our Podcast Trends Report, self-help and comedy are two of the most popular podcast genres around. Lyle has created a unique marriage between the two with Therapy Gecko, and the result is an audience that’s highly engaged, emotionally connected, and committed to returning week after week.

The reason he thinks it’s so appealing to people? As he so eloquently put it, “There’s no roadmap to being a person.” Hear Lyle talk about it some more at 10:42.

2. The Gen Z Effect

Therapy Gecko is a hit with younger, diverse audiences. Not only that, but they’re an eager-to-engage crowd: 54% of his listeners visited an advertiser’s website after hearing Lyle promote the products, services, or offerings. So what is Lyle’s secret to connecting with these younger listeners and driving them to engage with his advertisers? Jump to 17:17 in the recording to find out.

3. An Environment of Trust

Getting people to open up is tough enough as it is. Add to that the concept of spilling your guts on a massive podcast, and it’s a wonder Lyle has a show at all. But in reality, it appears that Therapy Gecko has unlocked a special cross-section of people seeking both anonymity and connection. The result? An environment of trust and openness, where both listeners and participants feel a sense of community. Hear more about it at 20:20.

4. A Match Made in (Brand Partnerships) Heaven

Here’s a fun one to end our wrap-up—think you can guess Lyle’s dream brand partnerships? Jump to 27:06 to see if you might be the perfect match for this unlicensed lizard psychologist and his hoard of loyal, diverse Gen Z listeners.

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