4 Reasons to Move TV Ad Dollars to Podcasts

Aug 24, 2022

With 65% of podcast listeners saying podcasts are replacing time with TV, it’s time for advertisers to reconsider their ad spend to reach this growing engaged audience.

In just the past four years, we’ve seen huge shifts in how Americans consume media. From increases in cord-cutting to the explosive growth of podcasting, the media landscape is shifting from eyes to ears. Consumers are moving to podcasts; have your ad dollars followed?

Here are the top four reasons you need to be investing in podcast advertising.

1. Hollywood Hits the Podcast Studio

Quentin Tarantino, Roger Avary, Conan O’Brien, Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey, Rob Lowe—no we’re not talking television line ups or movie marquees, we’re talking top podcasts. Nowadays, it’s almost a must for Hollywood mainstays to add podcasts to their resume.

And listeners love them. Whether it’s a deep-dive rewatch podcast or a celebrity chat cast with their favorite actors, listeners are turning up the volume—54% podcast listeners say they started listening to podcasts because they offer an extension to other media favorites.1 Many claim celebrity podcasts are actually their gateway into the world of podcasts.

2. Screens Off, Earbuds In

Gone are the days of must-see prime time TV viewing with the whole world tuning in. And with increases in cord-cutting and the on-going streaming wars, time with cable and on-demand tv content is on the decline. Increasingly, audiences are shifting time spent with visual content to podcasts.

  • 65% of podcast listeners say podcasts are replacing time with television2

  • 40% say it is replacing time with on-demand video2

With shifts in TV viewership, it’s crucial to follow consumers and also shift advertising spend.

3. We Can Only Sit on the Couch for So Long

While we all love a good binge once in a while, the fact of the matter is, the couch and the TV are stationary—and we can only sit for so long.

On the flipside, podcasts can go with us anywhere and everywhere. In the car, cleaning, working out—there’s nothing like our favorite true crime series or the latest gossip to power us through the day, no matter where it takes us. These are places even digital video can’t go.

Not to mention ad breaks. Think about it: what’s the first thing you do when a TV commercial comes on? Take a bathroom break? A quick Instagram scroll? Whatever it is you’re doing, you’re not paying attention. Podcasts are different: 77% of listeners report listening to podcasts ads.3

Audiences are listening to podcasts throughout the day

4. Creator Support = Listener Respect

Listeners are loyal to their favorite hosts, and that affection carries over to the brands supporting the medium. Podcast lovers feel a connection to hosts, and they understand that advertising is how their favorite creators can continue to create.

And because of this mutual respect, listeners are more receptive to podcast ads. While 49% report TV having too many ads, just 24% say the same about podcast.4 When brands advertise on podcasts, they reach listeners wherever they are in a way that resonates with them more strongly.

Podcast ads are viewed more favorably

Put Your $$ Where It Matters

Simply put, podcasts are a better investment for your ad dollars.

The way Americans consume content is shifting toward shorter form, more on-demand content like podcasts. The biggest—and most promising—news for brands: listeners prefer podcast ads over other media advertising. Reach your target audience where they are excited and engaged with the biggest and best podcast network around. Let’s talk.


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