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4 Ways Your Brand Can Connect With Asian American Audiences

May 13, 2024

To reach Asian American audiences, brands need to understand who they are and develop messages that resonate.

The Asian American community is the fastest-growing demographic in the United States. With over 24M Asian Americans in the US, this rapid growth is a testament to their transformative impact in every sector of American society. This community finds pride and connection through their heritage and unique cultures, but this pride is more than just a feeling; it’s a force.

We did some digging and found our top four data-based takeaways that will help brands uncover who they’re talking to and learn how to connect with Asian American audiences. 

1. Know Who You’re Talking To

The Asian population spans the globe, and Asian Americans bring diversity with them. These communities encompass a wide variety of rich cultures and unique identities. With 50 ethnic groups representing over 75 countries, Asian Americans thrive in diversity and bring their own distinct contributions to the broader Asian American identity. 

Tap Into The Voices They Can Relate To 

Although Asian Americans have inherited over 100 languages, multilingualism isn’t an advertiser’s main concern. Their distinct backgrounds directly result from their diverse cultures, histories, and the values they treasure most, and they look to have those things conveyed and preserved within the American landscape. Although the term AAPI is used in academic and governmental settings, most of our survey respondents don’t feel like it best describes their racial identity. 

  • 57% of respondents like the terms “Asian” and “Asian American” to describe their collective racial identity

  • 66% of people who are of East Asian descent like the term ”Asian American”

  • 50% of people who are of South Asian descent like the term ”Asian American”

  • 63% of people who are of Southeast Asian descent like the term ”Asian American”

Advertisers trying to create genuine connections with Asian American consumers should tap into the shared cultural connections and partner with creators representing the wide dispersion. When you use voices Asian American listeners can relate to, your ads feel more authentic and build trust with consumers. 

2. Celebrate their culture 

In the heart of the Asian American community, culture is not just a heritage to be remembered, it is a long-lived legacy carried out among families, no matter if you’re second or even fourth generation. Over eight in 10 Asian American listeners express pride in their culture and 85% are proud of their racial roots and ancestry. These responses are further proof that Asian Americans are profoundly dedicated and committed to honoring and preserving their culture across generations. And about three in four affirm that their ethnicity is central to who they are. Asian Americans aren’t trying to blend in, and your advertisements targeting them shouldn’t either. 

We don’t have to fit in to belong in America

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Amplify and invest in diverse voices

At SiriusXM Media, we recognize the importance of diversity in podcasting and the impact that authentic advertising can have on brands. That’s why we offer enhanced targeting tools that use the Asian American Culture Predictive Audience from Comscore, ensuring more precise and culturally relevant ad placements for listeners and advertisers alike. It’s no secret that authenticity strikes a chord with listeners, so when brands make an effort to reflect the Asian American experience through their advertisements, their ad dollars go further. 

3. Recognize their cultural fluidity

Asian American pride is dynamic and culturally fluid, and advertisers create deeper connections by acknowledging and fostering the innovative ways in which they express their identities. These audiences are forging their own paths and creating positive change in our world daily. Just take a look at how Asian American millennial and Gen Z audiences are impacting the latest cultural trends:

  • Creating digital empowerment by leveraging digital platforms and social media to voice their narratives, share their experiences, and connect with broader communities

  • Practicing fluidity and innovation by blending traditional Asian elements with American influences to create new expressions of art, fashion, cuisine, and entertainment.

  • Advocating for social justice and mobilizing in support of civil rights, racial equality, and representation.

  • Furthering their education and preservation by engaging in efforts to educate themselves and others about Asian history, traditions, and values.

Cater to Their Intersecting Identities

Asian Americans are redefining their culture, and audio plays a huge part in connecting them to their roots. In fact, one in two Asian Americans say audio content helps them connect with their culture and community. And like most multicultural consumers, Asian Americans can tell when your ads aren’t authentic. They want brands to look past the dollar signs and deeply connect to their culture and history. Over six in 10 listeners want brands to make an honest effort to represent the full spectrum of diverse communities in their ads, and 58% who want brands to feature people of diverse cultural backgrounds.  

4. Connect with Asian Americans through audio 

Audio holds a powerful position within the Asian American community, serving as a crucial link to their roots. Over half of this community feels more connected to their culture when listening to artists with the same background. Listeners find connection through the voices they hear in their favorite songs or podcasts, but they also look to advertisers to diversify their brand partnerships and advertisements.

Highlight the Music That Matters

From pop music to indie flows, Asian American listeners have diverse tastes in music. When brands tap into these wide-ranging genres, you build stronger, more authentic relationships with your audience. Create connections with listeners by spotlighting the music and artists that speak to their experiences and showcase the diverse talents that define Asian American pride. 

Highlight the Podcasts That Matter 

The range of diverse content on SiriusXM Media’s Podcast Network caters to Asian Americans' varied interests, providing hundreds of ways for listeners to tap into content they genuinely care about. And podcast listening within the Asian American community continues to rise, with a 76% increase in monthly listeners over five years. Podcasts are an easy way for listeners to tune into their unique passions and interests, offering brands a direct line to delivering diverse content that resonates with their complex identities. Over six in 10 Asian Americans say brands should be collaborating with diverse content creators and experts in the podcast space, while 52% say brands should partner with podcasts that focus on culturally relevant content. 

Podcasts are a big part of Asian American listeners’ daily routine, and 74% of them find it to be an essential part of their day. When you think about the 89% of Asian American listeners who listen to multiple podcast shows in a day or week, your brand has a chance to reach them multiple times, meaning your messaging should be relatable and authentic no matter which show they hear your ad on. With 69% of Asian American listeners saying they listen to podcasts more than music, it’s time to crank those podcast campaign budgets up.

Redefine Cultural Pride with SiriusXM Media

With SiriusXM, Pandora, SoundCloud, and the SiriusXM Podcast Network, we can help you connect with Asian Americans through audio. Want more information for reaching and resonating with Asian American audiences? Check out the AAPI Pride infographic. And when you’re ready to put your ad dollars to work for Asian American audiences, hit our line.


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