May Podcast RoundUp: Celebrating AAPI Heritage

Alexandria Caggia, Podcast Sales Marketing Specialist, SiriusXM MediaMay 1, 2024

The first week of May marks the start of AAPI Heritage Month, meaning there’s no better time to explore the intersectional identities of the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities! This eclectic group demands well-rounded, diverse perspectives within the content they consume. In fact, Asian podcast listeners 18+ are 60% more likely to seek out podcasts hosted by creators with a diverse racial or ethnic background than the average podcast listener. Not only that, over half of Asian podcast listeners 18+ actively choose to listen to or watch podcasts that feel like a reflection of their identity (122 index). Although this is a month-long celebration, we honor generations of Asians and Pacific Islanders all year, and so should your brand. Read on to learn more about our impressive slate of AAPI-hosted shows.

Mini-series, Mega-topics

Dissident at the Doorstep Trailer

After suffering years of unlawful imprisonment, human rights activist Chen Guangcheng became the face of freedom and democracy. But just a few years later, he would re-enter the spotlight as a right-wing elitist and MAGA supporter — a total 180 turnaround! What prompted this dramatic shift? Was Chen totally misunderstood from the beginning? These are the questions Alison Klayman (Award-winning Filmmaker), Colin Jones (Historian), and Yangyang Cheng (Research Scholar) have set out to answer in Crooked Media’s mini-series, Dissident at the Doorstep—this eight-episode series released in the Pod Save the World feed. Leading with empathy, curiosity, and compassion, the hosts engage in deliberate discussions that carefully breakdown the head-spinning story of a Chinese civil rights activist. Dissident’s respective audience gravitates toward the trio’s outspoken and unapologetic nature, which comes as no shock since 75% of Asian podcast listeners 18+ say they value the transparency and authenticity of their favorite podcast host(s).

Inspire A New Mindset

iWeigh Trailer

Celebrate progress over perfection with Jameela Jamil, who Forbes calls “the modern activist we need.” Dive deep into pressing mental health and body image issues with a rotating group of inspiring guests like Rob Dial, Sasheer Zamata, Sophia Bush, Lewis Howes, and Jane Fonda. I Weigh is more than just vulnerable conversations and uplifting stories —  it’s a movement! Over the past six years, Jameela has passionately raised her voice in solidarity for marginalized women across the globe, thus cultivating a loyal female following of over 3.7 million supporters across social media. We recently discovered that 57% of Asian podcast listeners 18-24 expect hosts to use their platform for social good (147 index), so it’s no surprise that Jameela’s powerful work resonates so strongly with the show’s young listeners (one-third of which are 18-24).  

Politics, Culture and News- Oh My!

Through compelling interviews and fiery commentary, Katie Phang shares her unique perspective on the intersection of law, politics, and culture on MSNBC’s podcast, The Katie Phang Show. In today’s political climate, staying in the know is more important than ever—and 69% of Asian listeners ages 25-54 agree, turning to podcasts to help keep them up to date with news and current events (113 index). Katie’s background in commercial litigation, family law, and criminal defense & special investigations helps her tackle each episode accurately and intentionally. As a first-generation Korean-American, Phang uses her platform to spotlight AAPI POV’s on hot-button topics. Whether it’s chatting about the upcoming election or spilling the tea on Supreme Court drama, this host covers it all!

Satisfy your Earbuds

Deep Dish Trailer

In a recent user study, we discovered that Asian American podcast listeners ages 25-54 are 72% more likely to listen to Food & Cooking podcasts than any other racial group. Why? Because it deepens their connection to their culture and community (125 index). Food is the window to the soul, so when legendary pasta shape inventor Dan Pashman called in his foodie friends Sohla and Ham to sprinkle The Sporkful feed with culinary delight, they could not decline. On each episode of Deep Dish with Sohla and Ham, the husband and wife duo whip up the most delectable concoctions from Delta tamales and tacos to tteokbokki and bagels, digging into the tales behind each mouth-watering dish along the way. It’s part detective show, part quirky quest through history, and part cooking class — which makes for one delicious combo! 

Rethink and Rewire

Hidden Brain Trailer

Research shows that 43% of Asian podcast listeners 18+ look for podcasts hosted by thought leaders and subject matter experts (127 index). They’re frequently on the hunt for stimulating conversations that educate and inform. Enter Shankar Vedantam, whose long-running podcast Hidden Brain uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior. In just a few short years, the show has amassed a large audience of well-educated women of color, with 86% holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. Furthermore, these listeners are sharp-witted career women who enjoy learning new things and traveling the world. Fun fact: An episode of Hidden Brain was featured in the box office hit, ‘Anyone But You’ starring Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, a testament to Shankar’s undeniable influence and reach.

Assume Nothing, Question Everything

No Stupid Questions Trailer

They say “curiosity killed the cat,” but did you know “satisfaction brought it back?” Freakonomics’ No Stupid Questions is a show designed to feed your blossoming intellect with lofty questions about the big world. In each episode, research psychologist Angela Duckworth and her hilarious side-kick Mike Maughan embark on a journey to uncover the seemingly unknown, asking questions like “What is fun, exactly?” or “Why is astrology so popular?” According to a long-time fan, “This show does the impossible: it deals with intellectually challenging topics discussed in a fun and engaging manner.” No wonder the show attracts so many inquisitive AAPI Zillennials, 83% of which are book lovers.

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