Advocacy & Audio: How Podcasts Are Driving Real-World Change

Alexandria Caggia, Specialist, Podcast Sales MarketingDec 7, 2023

Audio and advocacy go hand-in-hand, pushing the envelope, breaking boundaries, and promoting a sense of interconnectedness. No surprise then that podcasters are utilizing their most precious tools—their voices—to amplify important topics and drive impact in their communities and beyond. Passionate and influential, these socially conscious creators are prompting real-world change, so imagine how powerful it would be to align your brand with their worthy causes.

Turning up the Volume 

According to Cassandra’s “The Culture of Influence Report,” 85% of Gen Z and millennials say it's important that the influencers they follow try to make the world a better place. Thankfully, this comes naturally to many podcasters, whose storytelling is often driven by a strong desire for justice. Hosts like Ashley Flowers (Crime Junkie), Jon Favreau (Pod Save America), and Jameela Jamil (I Weigh) are prime examples, with each having started their podcast careers in an effort to make the world a little bit better. And now, after many years of audio storytelling, they continue to inspire action in the form of driving donations, volunteer work, and activism.

Ashley Flowers, Host of Crime Junkie
Jon Favreau, Podcast Host & Activist
Jameela Jamil, Podcast Host & Activist

Going Beyond the Mic

In our recent user study, we learned that one in three podcast listeners 18+ say podcasts “inspire me” and “connect me to my community.” It’s no wonder these do-gooders are eager to help move the needle and support creators that care, like Alie Ward, host of the award-winning science & education podcast Ologies. In an ongoing effort to give back and pay it forward, Alie donates a portion of ad revenue from each episode to non-profits chosen by her guest-ologists. This charitable initiative has increased funding and support for over 200+ organizations and counting. From health and human rights to influencing laws and policies, so many podcasters are going beyond the mic to serve their communities and affect change.

Actions Speak Louder 

When it comes to holistic brand engagement, transparency is key. In Edelman Trust Barometer’s recent study, “The New Cascade Of Influence,” 62% of Gen Z respondents say they expect a brand’s stand on important issues to be visible at the point of transaction. And they’re willing to pay a premium for brands that earn their trust and improve the world.

We’ve seen similar success patterns in cause-driven campaigns on The SiriusXM Podcast Network. For example, a national non-profit advertiser recently saw a 3.29% conversion rate by leveraging empowering, contextually relevant themes on I Weigh with Jameela Jamil. The brand also saw an increase in awareness and site traffic among podcast listeners and health & wellness genre fans.

Embrace the Cause 

Podcast listeners are breaking down the fourth wall and getting involved in causes that are important to them and their favorite hosts. And advertisers can benefit by embracing social responsibility and cultivating high-impact messaging that matters. We’ve discovered that one in three podcast listeners 18+ go out of their way to support brands who support their favorite podcasts. By partnering with The SiriusXM Podcast Network, media buyers can invest in creators who align with their values and strive to make a difference in the world.

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