April Podcast Roundup: Spring into Action With Sports

Alexandria Caggia, Specialist, Sales Marketing Podcasts, SiriusXM MediaApr 3, 2024

Research shows that sports podcast listening has grown 53% year-over-year (YoY), which means there’s never been a better time for advertisers to target sports podcast listeners. Thankfully, the SiriusXM Sports Podcast Collection is home to 300+ sports podcasts and reaches millions of sports fans every month—a winning combination! Level up your game plan with industry-leading publishers like SiriusXM, NBC Sports, and LockedOn Network, where advertisers can access powerful titles across every league, including NFL, NBA, MLB, and College sports. No matter the fandom, you’ll find the most devoted listeners on the SiriusXM Podcast Network. 

Beyond the Headlines

Longtime friends and sports journalists Michael Smith and Michael Holley bring a new kind of sports talk that infuses politics and pop culture in their NBC Sports podcast, Brother From Another. This daily podcast offers detailed on-demand game coverage that sports fans can’t get enough of. In fact, 76% of sports podcast listeners say podcasts are an important part of their daily routine (114 index). Better yet, the hosts’ friendship of 20+ years shines through in each episode as they break down key sports moments with honesty and journalistic integrity. This bodes well for advertisers looking to reach a diverse community of men who feel a strong, personal connection to the hosts (66%).

Get Your Head in the Game 

For the average basketball fan, the excitement doesn’t end with the final buzzer. Instead, NBA enthusiasts seek out broader discussions that extend through the offseason. Needless to say, Dunc’d On is the perfect place for basketball superfans to stay in the know about their favorite teams. Host Nate Duncan (NBA salary cap expert) covers everything from scouting and player evaluations to industry trends and game-day predictions. His methodical storytelling and in-depth analysis resonates strongly with a younger male audience, since nearly one in three Dunc’d On listeners are Gen Z and 97% identify as male.

AFK with Ninja Trailer

A Different Kind of Game-Play

Widely regarded as the world's most famous gamer, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is a record-breaking streamer with 70 million followers and counting. As a true tastemaker with diverse passions, Ninja has ventured out of the game room and into the studio to dissect the latest entertainment news and trends on AFK with Ninja. Each episode explores the mystical realm of sports, music, gaming, and comedy. Born and raised in Michigan, Tyler is a certified NFL superfan who frequently sports Detroit Lions gear, takes part in pre-game rituals, and hosts Sunday Night Football watch parties. The Gen Z icon’s loyal audience is in constant awe of his passion for entertainment, so it’s no surprise Ninja was dubbed the #31 top creator of 2023 by Forbes.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Did you know that 71% of sports podcast listeners listen to game recaps? It’s no wonder NBC’s The 2 Robbies has been a long-running hit since 2015. Former soccer pros Robbie Mustoe and Robbie Earle have joined together to provide top-class punditry on the most exciting league in the world. According to The Athletic, English’s top football division, the Premier League has risen in popularity in the United States, generating nearly 2 million viewers on average. And these diehard fans are turning to podcasts to keep up with the ever-growing industry. Partner with two of NBC Sports’ leading commentators and reach affluent, young millennials with a strong affinity for travel (66%), live entertainment (68%), and reading (67%).

Hooked on Football

Mike Florio and Chris Simms combine humor and tenacity with extensive football knowledge on the everyman’s favorite sports show, PFT Live. Mike’s profound NFL insight and Chris’ first-hand experience on the field, creates an unparalleled atmosphere fueled by passion and enthusiasm. Guests span every role, from league execs and players to coaches and sports journalists, allowing listeners to hear from all their favorite sports pros. Plus, nearly 1 in 2 PFT listeners have a household income over $100k, and 42% are parents of young children, making this show an excellent avenue for brands looking to reach affluent young families.

World Corrupt Trailer

Not Your Typical Locker-Room Talk

Ever wonder how a nation subject to human rights violations became the latest geopolitical power player in global soccer? Men in Blazers’ Roger Bennet and Pod Save America’s Tommy Vietor search for answers on World Corrupt, a weekly series that exposes some of the most shocking scandals in sports history. Every season, listeners will learn about the grave injustices the FIFA World Cup wrought. This show explores what it means to be a devoted sports fan while navigating a terrain increasingly co-opted for corporate gain. Crooked’s trailblazing release is the perfect travel companion for busy high-achievers, as 69% of sports podcast listeners listen while commuting (112 index).

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