Being a Korean American Label Boss with TOKiMONSTA

May 28, 2020
Being a Korean American Label Boss with TOKiMONSTA

Welcome to our Power of Audio Podcast. This episode is part of our Pandora Presents Pass the Mic series—an initiative that amplifies women’s voices in the audio industry and explores how audio has played a role in their success. 

This month, in celebration of AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month), we talked to multi-talented artist TOKiMONSTA.

TOKiMONSTA is the Grammy-nominated musician, producer and label owner of Young Art Records. The Korean-American, Los Angeles native was the first female Asian American to be nominated for the Electronic Music Album Grammy award in 2018. TOKiMONSTA has been a trailblazer for women in music for over a decade and uses her platform to help launch other artists’ careers.

Tune in to TOKiMONSTA’s episode for her thoughts on:

  • Her Korean-American heritage and its influence on her music

  • The inspiration behind her new album, Oasis Nocturno

  • Recovery from major brain surgery

  • The paradigm shift for women in the industry

TOKiMONSTA has launched her own weekly show, The Lost Resort, live Thursdays at 3pm PST on TwitchYoutube, and Facebook.

Executive Producer: Jocelyn Hudak Editor: Ella Tatum Host: Lauren D. Williams 

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