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Bringing Accountability into the Audio Equation

Jul 20, 2021

1st party and 3rd party Audibility Metrics Now Available on Pandora

Audio is booming. Consumers spend nearly four hours a day with audio, and digital audio alone has grown 79% since 2014. [1] As the audio space continues to mature, marketers are increasingly asking for more transparency into their investments.

As leaders in audio advertising, answering the demand from marketers for greater transparency, and holding our platform accountable, is crucial. Last year, we rolled out our first-to-market 1st-party audibility measurement in beta, and have since brought that capability to all Pandora Mobile Audio campaigns.

Now, in an agreement with Oracle Moat, we’re proud to announce that we also have certified Moat 3rd-party tags for audibility tracking on Pandora Mobile Audio campaigns. We’re excited that Moat’s clients will be able to receive this reporting in the same fashion they access viewability reporting today.

Our vision is to continue expanding our audibility capabilities and setting the standard for transparent audio measurement. Audibility plays a critical role in helping to ensure that accountability remains central to the audio advertising space.

Audibility Measurement: What Can Advertisers Expect?

Since early 2021, brands including Church’s Chicken, Frito-Lay, Kroger, Volvo, and Xfinity have been participating in an open beta to test audibility on Pandora. After testing audibility on over 100 million mobile audio impressions through our 1st -party enablement with Oracle Moat, we found the average audibility rate was 97% and the IVT (invalid traffic) rate was <1%.

Building off of this beta, we tested 3rd party tags and found that they also yielded high audible and low IVT rates that were on par with the 1st party tests – there were no significant discrepancies. We’re proud to stand behind these impressive metrics, proving the quality of Pandora and that your impression had the chance to leave an impression.

What’s Next for the Industry?

We began this journey on Pandora – our experiment testing ground – and plan to bring audibility measurement across all of our SXM Media brands and offerings. We anticipate the demand for increased transparency and accountability will only get stronger, and more and more publishers will respond.

Mark Kopera, head of product, Oracle Moat, is looking forward to broader industry adoption, noting, “We are excited to be part of the efforts with Pandora to bring more measurability to the industry. We value the new insight into the quality of audio and are proud to be leading the industry to adopt audio measurement on a larger scale.”

Contact us or talk to your Pandora rep today about how to leverage audibility metrics on your campaigns.


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