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Build Better Campaigns with the Power of Ad-Supported Audio

Jan 11, 2024

From streaming music, to live content, to podcasts, digital audio is the entertainment go-to for 75% of the US population ages 12 and older. And they’re spending four hours and 50 minutes with digital audio every day. That’s a huge opportunity for brands to connect with consumers, right? Well, yes—if it’s with ad-supported audio.

The power of digital audio for advertisers comes from an addressable audience, meaning people who listen to music, podcasts, and live talk with ads. That’s the opportunity to consistently get into your consumers’ ears throughout the day. 

With us, you can reach 87% of our 150M listeners who listen with ads—and that’s the largest ad-supported audience in digital audio. 

Audio Advertising Made Easy

Audiences are spending 31% of their time with audio compared to other media, yet advertisers are only allocating 9% of ad spend to the medium. That’s a big gap to navigate, so we’re here to make it easier to invest in audio.

We provide advertisers exclusive access to audio’s most dynamic portfolio of live and exclusive content on SiriusXM, streaming platforms on our SiriusXM Streaming Network, and podcasts on our SiriusXM Podcast Network.

Ad-Supported Content Benefits Everyone

Ad-supported audio is essential for advertisers, content creators, and audiences. We offer an audio ecosystem that is better for everyone, providing access, monetization, content, and personalization. 

Better access. Ad-supported audio offers a cost-effective way for users to access a vast array of content without having to pay subscription fees. This accessibility democratizes content consumption, ensuring that a diverse audience can enjoy music, podcasts, and other audio experiences without financial barriers.

Better monetization. Ad-supported audio provides a monetization avenue for independent creators and emerging talent who may not have the resources to launch paid subscription models.  

Better content. Motivated by potential ad revenue, ad-supported audio encourages a diverse range of voices to contribute to the audio landscape and ensures that users can find content that aligns with their interests, no matter how niche.

Better personalization. Ad-supported audio’s ability to target listeners with ads creates a more engaging and enjoyable advertising experience.

Ad-Supported Audio Delivers for Advertisers

With the right partner, ad-supported digital audio helps brands build connections with consumers. And we’re constantly innovating to deliver more listeners.

The Power of the New SiriusXM App

The recent launch of the new SiriusXM app is the latest example of how we’re continuing to innovate to attract both creators and listeners to deliver better advertising experiences for brands.

More listeners. Our new app—and all that comes with it—is poised to reach a younger and more diverse audience, increasing time spent within our ecosystem, giving brands a larger potential audience as well as greater targeting and other advertising capabilities.

New capabilities. With the new underlying technological infrastructure, we will have much more flexibility to test, learn, and innovate at a faster rate. Powered by Adswizz, our best-in-class ad technology platform, we are excited to bring more innovative opportunities to market for streaming and in-car this year and beyond.

Smart impressions. The digitization of SiriusXM’s 360L in-car experience will lead to exciting new ad innovations in the future, allowing us to deliver smart impressions that go beyond the standard offered today.

Are you ready to leverage the power of ad-supported digital audio in your next campaign? Let’s talk.


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