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Capture Car-Buyer Attention with Digital Audio

Aug 1, 2023

The automotive industry is undergoing a total transformation across all aspects of business. As the customer journey through shopping, buying, and owning a car becomes increasingly digital, much more research—and some buying—is happening online. Our tech-savvy listeners are tuned in and streaming music or leaning into podcasts as they look for their next ride.

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Our Pandora Soundboard 2023 Automotive study1 uncovered what our listeners want from their next car-buying experience. Let’s brake it down (see what we did there?).

The Modern Car-Buying Experience

Today’s informed consumers are looking for a digitally-led car buying experience that makes it simple and convenient to determine which vehicle is right for them. When you consider the proliferation of online retailing experiences now available to consumers across other industries, it’s easy to understand why.

Get this: among our listeners, nearly 1 in 4 adults 18+ are likely to consider purchasing a car entirely online through a digital retailer like Carmax, Carvana, or Vroom. And 35% of adults 18+ are interested in virtual showrooms and at-home test drives.

Beyond these digitally-led interactions with retailers, today’s car buyers are also able to begin their research online and narrow down their short list before ever stepping foot inside a dealership. Nearly eight in 10 of our listeners 18+ research at least three brands when considering a new purchase or lease. With this in mind, it’s likely the buyers stepping through the dealership door have done their homework and are coming in farther down the path to purchase.

Value Takes the Lead

So, how do you engage these virtual shoppers IRL? Even in the digital age, the personal touch is still important, and things like knowledgeable staff and a solid reputation make a big difference especially as vehicles become more technologically complex. Our listeners look to local dealers for advice, service, and, of course, deals.

  • Special Offers: 66% of adults 18+ chose their dealer based off local offers and incentives

  • Expertise: 73% of adults 18+ want dealers to walk them through features and explain the purchase process

  • Hassle-free Service: 88% of adults 18+ want hassle-free service appointments

Gear Up for Your Next Campaign

Technology advancements in both the product and purchase experience are disrupting car buying. To keep up with evolving consumer demands, brands need to deliver a simple, convenient, and premium experience at every point in the shop, buy, and own journey. The authentic, approachable format of digital audio makes the medium a great fit to influence new car buyers. With Americans spending an average of four hours and 16 minutes with audio each day, the time is right to put your campaign on the road to success.2

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1. Pandora Soundboard, 2023 Auto Study, A18+ (N=2,033), January 2023

2. Edison Research Share of Ear Study, Q4 2022

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