Crime Junkie is the Top Show on Apple Podcasts—and Much More

Sophie Anderson, Associate Director, Podcast Sales MarketingNov 28, 2023

Each year, Apple Podcasts editors look back on the most influential podcast content to determine what listeners engaged with the most. This year, there was one powerful show that rose to the top. Audiochuck’s Crime Junkie was recognized as the #1 most-listened to podcast for 2023—for the second year in a row.

Since launching the show in 2017, “The Queen of True Crime” Ashley Flowers and her co-host Brit Prawat have produced over 500 episodes and amassed more than one billion downloads. Inspired by her mother, who Flowers affectionately calls “the original crime junkie,” Ashley and Brit have designed the show around sharing thrilling stories ethically, with a focus on finding justice for the victims.

Ashley Flowers, Host of several podcasts including Crime Junkie & Founder/CEO of audiochuck on the value of telling true crime stories

Winning Across the Network

In addition to winning the title of “Top Show,” Ashley Flowers’ true crime network audiochuck bagged a few other recognitions. Namely, The Deck Investigates landed at #3 on the list of the year’s top new shows. And, according to Apple Podcasts, audiochuck had the #2 most popular free podcast channel. This comes as no surprise considering one in two podcast listeners cite podcast networks as being a top source for discovering new shows.

These victories come on the heels of a particularly successful year for the audiochuck network, which surpassed two billion total downloads in May. Fan favorites of the broader network include hit titles like The Deck, Anatomy of Murder, Park Predators, and CounterClock.

Making a Difference

Crime Junkie has also had immense real-world impact. In fact, two devoted listeners recently helped exonerate a man who was wrongfully convicted after hearing an episode of Crime Junkie about the case. 

Moreover, audiochuck’s non-profit Season of Justice continues to assist law enforcement agencies in solving crimes by funding grants that allow DNA testing for cold cases. Ashley herself sits on the organization’s board of directors and works alongside the team to support crime fighters and bring justice to the families of the victims.

In an interview with Forbes last year, Flowers reflected:

I’m proud of the direct impact we’ve been able to make in this space, like giving 12 Does their names back because of our funding. But I’m also constantly surprised and proud of the connection we’ve made with our listeners. They take us everywhere with them through so many phases of life, and out of that, we’ve been able to help them through tough times.

Ashley FlowersFounder and CCO of audiochuck, Podcast Host of Crime Junkie & more

Be a Part of Powerful Stories

Crime Junkie and the audiochuck network are available to sponsor exclusively through the SiriusXM Podcast Network. Whether you’re looking to align with the number one podcast of 2023 or explore the full slate of audiochuck shows, we have everything you need to tap into this powerful audience of deeply empathetic true crime fanatics. Let’s Talk.

And if you’d like to learn more about the impressive women driving audiochuck’s success, check out our Women Behind True Crime Series.


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