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Cross Generational Lines with Digital Audio

Aug 4, 2022

Digital audio attracts 209M listeners every month, reaching 73% of the total US population over age 12. And it’s everywhere, allowing brands to reach consumers of any age anywhere.

Audio is a timeless, unifying experience that has only grown as digital continues to expand and evolve. Digital audio attracts 209M listeners every month, reaching 73% of the total US population over age 12.1 Times may have changed since people gathered around the radio as a family, but the power, influence, and reach of audio has not. 

Across generations, the whole family is still listening, trading in their tube radios for smart speakers, headphones, and mobile devices, and audio is still connecting and engaging listeners. Gen Z just discovered Kate Bush, and now their Gen X parents are trying to get “Running Up That Hill” out of their heads for the second or third time since the 80s. From TikTok videos to trending songs on streaming to the latest podcast binge—digital audio is everywhere, allowing brands to reach consumers of any age anywhere.

Generation Audio

It’s not an age. It’s not a culture. It’s a lifestyle—and more people are living it every day. Listening to audio is no longer a tethered experience. Our favorite music, shows, and podcasts are in our ears all day long—wherever we are. 

Life Revolved Around Audio

Digital audio gives brands the ability to reach consumers throughout the day, no matter what they’re doing.

Listening for the Ages

Generation audio is an entire population spanning demographics, technographics, and psychographics—all contemporaneously driven by sound. Listeners have demands and digital audio delivers. 

Digital Audio Speaks to Every Generation

No matter what age groups you’re trying to target, they’re listening to digital audio.

Off the Dial

Digital audio is replacing time spent with AM/FM radio. Rather than turning the dial, more and more audiences are tuning into satellite radio, streaming, and podcasts. Between 2014 and 2022, listenership with adults 18-54 for digital audio grew +32% while AM/FM listenership shrank -29%.2

Digital Audio Time Replacing AM/FM

As listeners continue to flock to digital audio, brands should consider adding or upping digital audio in their media mix.

Listening Longer 

Digital audio listeners listen +43% longer than non-digital listeners, spending 1 hour and 27 minutes more time listening every day!3 And digital audio listeners not only hear ads, but they’re here for them, especially when it comes to podcasts.

Podcast Listeners Are Receptive to Ads

These ravenous listening habits and positive attitudes create more opportunities for brands to reach consumers.

Talk to Every Generation

Remember The Who’s stuttering refrain, “talking about my generation”? Who knows, maybe that one will take off on TikTok in a week or two. No matter who your consumer contemporaries are, SXM Media has the digital audio advertising solutions to reach them. We’ve got the content and reach you need to reach generation audio. 

Ready to be heard? Let’s talk.


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3. Edison Research Share of Ear Study, Q1 2022, Percent More Time with Audio, Compared to Non-Digital Audio Listeners Base: P13+

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