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Destination Marketing: 3 Ways You’re Missing the Mark

Apr 25, 2022

Feel the excitement in the air? Us, too. It’s a mix of sunshine, freedom, and the about-to-get-on-a-plane-and-visit-an-awesome-place vibe. As a destination board, you’re one of many on the list of places to travel. And you know the time is right to make your play to make the cut. The question is, are you doing it right? 

If you’re not diversifying your message and medium—probably not.

Diversify or Miss the Boat

How do you get your destination on that must-visit list? Diversify. From how you think about your media mix to your targeting strategy. After observing top destination executives talk through their marketing strategies, so many are doing it right, but there are some who are missing key elements.

3 Things Your Travel Marketing is Missing

The travel industry is predicted to spend over $4B this year on advertising—and here’s how to get the most out of every dollar.

1. Music: Power Your Message

Wherever you travel, music will meet you there. Music is timeless and everchanging, personal and pervasive—it is one of the few things most people have in common no matter what culture you’re a part of or visiting. It is the foundation of just about every location, and is a natural pairing with your destinations campaign. Visit Palm Springs saw this correlation and developed a custom song, “Find Your Oasis,” to bring the destination to life.

What does that mean to you, and how can we help? Well, this one is a bit obvious. We are the leading audio entertainment company in North America, with 150M monthly active listeners across streaming, satellite, and podcasts. So we are the perfect partner to help you embody the spirit of your destination with music that serves as a soundtrack. Think: sponsored playlists, or a relaxing ad featuring ocean sounds—the options are endless! Creating a custom listening destination with us will help you engage with potential travelers via targeted media to invite them to your listening experience. 

2. Gen Z: Speak their Language

Gen Z has the travel bug bad—and that’s good for you. But if you want to attract this up-and-coming generation, you have to be on their level. According to Expedia, themes like inclusion and diversity and a growing awareness of sustainability form an increasingly important part of the conversation for younger travelers, making them critical destination marketing themes.

What does that mean to you, and how can we help? If you haven’t been thinking about Gen Z, don’t worry, because we’ve got you. We have what the youngins want: dope audio. It’s a go-to medium for more than just entertainment and expression; they turn to audio when they want to energize, escape, or just be who they are. Head down, headphones on, this generation is always listening. According to our user study:

  • 84% listen to more audio content today because they can access it/take it everywhere

  • 83% say music improves their mood

  • 65% say audio content helps them escape from too much visual stimulation

  • 61% have listened to podcasts

  • 51% say podcasts help them learn something new

We are reaching Gen Z wherever they’re listening across our platforms. From music to podcasts, we have the authentic content this generation craves. Whether you advertise on the new It’s Me, Tinx podcast or select the right New Music Fridays channels for your message on Pandora, opportunities to connect abound.

3. Multicultural: Attract New Demographics

Consumers notice how (and if) travel brands and destinations represent them in advertising. Would-be travelers need to be able to see themselves in your hotspot: feel their toes in your sand, hear their oohs and aahs as they enjoy your attractions. So, your destination marketing needs to be welcoming and inclusive.

What does that mean to you, and how can we help? The recipe for effectively reaching diverse audiences is a mix of impactful targeting and creative that resonates—we can help you with both. Approximately 30%1 of our listeners are Black or Hispanic. And our multicultural targeted efforts outperform, with a 25% lift in engagement for audio campaigns. So, we’ve got the reach you need, but you also need a message that resonates. Connecting with multicultural audiences isn’t just about swapping out actors and models or running ads once a year; it’s about creating genuine creative for the right platforms. Sponsored stations are a scalable and turnkey way for a brand to intercept key audiences during significant events and throughout the year. And topical podcasts are a great place to insert relevant messaging. 

Make Sure Your Destination Marketing Lands

Whether you’re looking to expand into new markets or entice new and different audiences, SXM Media has you covered. From satellite radio to music streaming to our #1 podcast platform, we have the audio experiences your consumers crave. 

Are you ready to take your travel advertising to the next level? Talk to our sales team today.


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