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Dove and Studio Resonate Win Big with a Multi-sensory Bath Time Experience

Aug 18, 2022
  • 2M

    audio impressions

  • 260

    average daily listens

  • 380

    hours of listening

A Soothing Tropical Getaway—and 2022 ISA Better Sound Award Winner

The Challenge

The year 2020 presented many difficulties, especially for women and women of color. Brands were challenged to engage with consumers in new and meaningful ways to be in tune with the moment. 

Dove was looking to bring its Mango Collection to life while acknowledging and supporting its key demographic—women. When women couldn’t avoid the harsh realities and pressures of life, Dove identified a place where they could escape and find time for themselves: the bathroom.

The Solution

Studio Resonate, our audio-first creative consultancy, partnered with Dove to create the Tropical Moods Soundscape on Pandora. This uplifting twenty-three-minute guided meditation was set to natural soundscapes and music that were crossmodally congruent with tropical themes, further enhanced by the scents of the products themselves. Dove and Pandora also created the Sunset Paradise Mixtape, a custom, complementary music station featuring upbeat, energizing reggae, dancehall, hip hop, pop, and more.

The Result

Dove was able to offer women the opportunity to travel to an exotic destination without leaving their homes. Women embraced the sensory-enhanced bathtime experience, disconnecting from the challenges of the world outside to reconnect with themselves. The campaign garnered close to 2,000,000 audio impressions, nearly 10,000 spins, an average of over 260 daily listens, and over 380 hours of logged listening time.

ISA Better Sound Award

In 2022, Studio Resonate and SXM Media won a Better Sound Award in the marketing category for the Tropical Moods Soundscape. This honor from the International Sound Awards recognizes the innovation, talent, and expertise poured into this custom solution.

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