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Drive EV Adoption With Digital Audio

Juliette Ferrara, Automotive Head of IndustryApr 13, 2023

With model availability accelerating, EV adoption is growing—and our listeners are leading the path forward. Whether they’re already considering a purchase or need a bit of convincing, we can help you reach them.

It goes without saying that electrified vehicles are the future. New electric-only vehicle brands are entering the U.S. market each year and many legacy auto brands have pledged to shift production to electric-only models before the end of the decade. Not only are there government incentives for purchasing some of these eco-friendly cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, but like all new tech, there’s also a cool factor that comes with ownership. Advancements are grabbing headlines, with new models and enhanced features dropping all the time. 

In 2022, electric vehicle sales rose by two-thirds.1 Even so, EVs made up less than 6% of new vehicle registrations.1 The good news is that interest is growing, with nearly 27% of U.S. adults saying they are very likely to consider an EV in the next 12 months.2 And the great news is that 63% of listeners on SXM Media platforms are considering electrified vehicles for their next purchase or lease.3

Influence Tech-Savvy Consumers

That’s right, our digital-savvy listeners show interest in EVs at a higher rate than the general population. When you consider that our audiences listen to our streaming, live, and podcast content via connected car, smartphones, and smart speakers, it makes sense. Clearly, they’re comfortable with technology and the new experiences that come with it. And as they’re considering their next major purchase, they’re listening to digital audio.

63% of SXM Media listeners are considering purchasing or leasing an EV

Educate Reluctant Adopters

Even with the popularity of EVs growing, there are slow adopters. Women and multicultural car buyers are adopting at a slower rate (with the exception of Asian American consumers).4 Nearly one third of EV rejectors cite a lack of information as their reason for lack of consideration.5

Podcast advertising can help close the knowledge gap. Listeners are in learning mode when they tune into their favorite shows, and podcast enthusiasts show a high level of ad recall:

  • 58% of podcast listeners tune in for education6

  • 51% of podcast listeners tune in to understand topics6

  • 86% of super listeners say they remember seeing or hearing an ad—the highest of any medium

With the popularity of podcasts growing with female, Black, and Latino listeners, there’s an opportunity for advertisers to educate these audiences in contextual environments through ads.7

Podcast ads are a great way to influence slow EV adopters

Reach Listeners on the Road

As more Americans get back to commuting to work every day, they’re bringing in-car listening with them—24% of daily audio time is happening in the car.8 And where better to move consumers down the path to purchasing an EV than when range, vehicle capability, and the driving experience are top of mind.

Reach EV intenders and slow adopters when their in the car with SXM Media

Charge up Your Campaign

With model availability accelerating and diversified brands entering the market, EV adoption is growing, and our listeners are leading the path forward. Whether they’re already considering an EV for their next automobile purchase or they need a bit of education and convincing, we can help you reach them. Let’s talk.


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